The game of basketball.

Basketball - sports team game in which you need to throw the ball into the hands of the opponent's basket.The winner of the basketball game is the team that for most of the time will throw more balls, and earn more points.Immediately the question arises, How long basketball game.The answer to this can be obtained by reading before the end of this article.You will also learn how many halves in basketball.

number of halves in basketball

in football is called a certain passage of time the match ball, tennis set, hockey period.A basketball of the match is called half-time or period.The rules of the game world is written, how many halves in basketball.It must be said that in all there are four types of the inning.For these basketball players have to score maximum points in the opponent's basket.

duration of the game in the FIBA ​​

Asked how many takes time in basketball, it can not be answered unequivocally.There are a number of associations, and the game and halftime of the match as a whole are different.For the European Basketball Association (FIBA) is characterized by the four halves of 20 minutes.That is the whole match lasted one hour and twenty minutes.But basketball - a game so that is not the fact that after 80 minutes it's over.During the game, there are half-time interval.Between the first and second, third and fourth periods break lasts 2 minutes.He needs to take a breath, drink water and hear the coach's installation.After the first half set a big break, which lasts 15 minutes.At this time, the team go into the locker room to relax and analysis of the first part of the game.After the break, they change baskets.But breaks - it's not all that can delay the match.During the game, each coach can take a timeout in order to make a stop and assemble a team around himself.This is mainly done in order to set up his team in a positive way.Also delay the match can fouls, which is sometimes very much.After breaking the rules the referee gives a free throw, which takes a few minutes.And so it accumulates time, so basketball game may last more than two hours.

duration of the match in the NBA

basketball in America is more popular than in Europe.It has its own association.It is called the National Basketball Association, and has several other rules than the European.Ongoing basketball 4 times for 12 minutes.Such rules are distinguished European and American types of the game.NBA Basketball lasts less than one hour, it is if you take into account the basic playing time.There's no need to spend more time, as the players are quick and very good command of the ball.Despite the smaller amount of playing time, NBA basketball has a great performance than the European associations.The duration of the break after the first half of the game, too, may be different, the variant with a ten-minute break.

decisive second match

How many halves in basketball, so many interesting endings can be seen in the match.This is due to the fact that in the last seconds of each half can have time to make a decisive point.It often happens in basketball that three seconds before the end of the meeting the team loses, but at the end of regulation time is the winner.Basketball and so interesting that keeps in suspense until the final.It's great to see how the players are fighting for the crucial seconds and try to have time to throw the ball in the basket to add points on the scoreboard.There are moments when for a few seconds before the end of the match one team comes forward and throws the ball into the basket.Before winning her is a couple of seconds, and the opposing team starts its attack.Basketball players in a pair of gear out on the attack and defeat a team that has been so close to victory.

How many halves in basketball, so many mini-games can be seen during a single game.Basketball is famous for the fact that every time the team can spend in different ways.The team, which is a favorite, can play a three-inning, and the last to commit supergame and win.So a few hours of viewing will give a spectacle.And every 20 minutes (and sometimes 12) have their own little story, its end and its intrigues.