How thoughtful design small bedroom

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Bedroom small size presents a problem for the owners, for the reason that it impose requirements which can not match.After all, in addition to the bed, trying to place here a wardrobe, mirror, dresser and other important interior.What if the design of the small bedroom prevents swing your imagination and tailor the room to suit your needs?

to equip the interior of a small room, you need to carefully plan everything, so the furniture took the most rational place.It should maintain an atmosphere of comfort in the bedroom.Visually enlarge the room will help correct color combination in its design and well-delivered light.The feeling of air and space is achieved by using light-colored wallpaper, curtains.Wallpaper is best to choose a stealthy design.Decorate small bedroom designs are winning colors like beige, peach, light green.Avoid brightly colored walls: this color palette can tire owners.

The room in which there is too much space, will look the most successful compact and multifunctional furniture.It is advisable to pick up objects or light neutral tones.As a contrast bright suit dressing table and chest of drawers.The bed is better to choose without the massive headboard.Under it, you can put the boxes for storage.In this regard, the bedroom can be released from the chest.Excellent choice, able to complement the design of a small bedroom, would be a high closet with a built in his door mirror.It will not be visually narrow space of the room.Instead chairs and stools are best used in a small room ottomans.They are able to bring the ease of registration of the bedrooms.Bright room lighting is able to make it visually above the ceiling.For this purpose, suitable spot ceiling lights.

curtains in the room should be light and translucent, such as tulle.They will create the impression of lightness and volume.Do not use heavy curtains in the bedroom.As a jewelry design small bedroom complement cushions or bright floral vase.It is advisable not to overload the interior of the room with unnecessary things.For example, one bedroom perfectly fit the picture.You can make the effect of the "continuation" of the room, using a mirror for this purpose.It should be placed on the wall opposite the well-lit subject.The result will be a feeling that the room is larger than it actually is.

Pursuing the creation of an interior room, it is important to take into account, for whom it is: for adults or for children.Accordingly, selected its design.Even design bedrooms small in size, can accommodate additional articles of furniture to be functional and at the same time not take up much space.For example, compact shelving.Above the bed can be made very small shelves.Moreover, it is not necessary to load their items.It is best to place flowers on the shelves.In Europe, small bedroom design is the simplest: it is based on maximum use of white and bright colors of several items.This approach allows you to make a small room visually larger and more spacious.