Who are "Hickey"?

In some works of science fiction genre is sometimes played out this scenario the death of modern civilization in which humanity covers general apathy.For various reasons, people are less and less involved in social life, transmitting the basic management functions of the machine and become mindless consumers.This vibrant high-tech appendages after a short time completely lose skills, lose their knowledge and humanity by leaps and bounds in the back "happy" stone age.Although such a scenario seems unlikely in the developed countries of the Far East, there are many young people who completely give up an active social position.

Who are these boys and girls?Maybe they are ordinary lazy?Maybe these people have a very fine spiritual organization, and therefore it is difficult to fight for his place under the sun?Let's try together to understand what is really the so-called "Hickey".

word "Hickey" comes from the Japanese "hikikomori".The literal translation of this expression does not exist, but it can be roughly translated as "being in seclusion."The word "Hickey" called the young people who are completely voluntarily isolated from society.This phenomenon is most common in Japan, as well as the problem is present in South Korea and the island of Taiwan.Hickey is also in Europe, North America and Russia, but in small quantities.

bulk of Hickey are children of the middle class.These young people are not studying nor working.All their communication is limited network contacts with the same Hickey, as they are.In the overwhelming number of cases of hikikomori live off their parents.If this situation only affects teenagers, probably, Hickey would not have attracted so much attention.Just think, a teenager does not want to leave the room.There could be many reasons.Gone mad and out.We all go through difficult adolescence.But when a man goes out of his room for years, even decades, it becomes a real tragedy.

Although the phenomenon of "Hickey" in Japan studied the 70-ies of XX century, until now psychologists can not be called the cause of the youth retreat.Currently known as the four major reasons for people aged 7 to 35 years disclaim any social contacts was that sometimes even leads to death by starvation or suicide.

One of the main causes of "Hickey" called overpopulation.And indeed, if you look at a couple of videos about Japan, and especially on the Tokyo subway at rush hour, then all may be tempted to close the house and not go out.The high density of population in a relatively small area of ​​the country is in sharp contrast to the Japanese mentality.

let Japanese and friendly people, but they did not accepted to discuss their problems with outsiders.Even within the family relationships between the members can be quite cool.In Japan it is considered perfectly normal when siblings are not what they do not know mobile phone numbers to each other, but did not talk to each other, even living under the same roof.A man in his youth with the inherent maximalism this age can not accept these rules of the game.It seems that all of society totally rotten, and the millions of more like a soulless bio-robots, which absolutely does not care about his neighbor.

It is this view of life made Mitsunori Iwata sit in his room for 7 years.According to him, he could not put up with this state of affairs, it all annoyed.He did not want to be part of a hypocritical, as he thought, and society.In terms of family relations all his contacts with relatives limited to a date with her mother when she brought him something to eat.This situation Mitsunori offended, since he believed that the mother provides it as a pet.But after seven years of seclusion Mitsunori found the strength to change their lives.After a course of rehabilitation Mitsunori became a member of the community, which helps "Hickey" to return to an active life.Now he realized how hard it was to his parents, and why her mother screamed at him constantly.The man realized how stupid to lose years of life because of their prejudices and stereotypes towards others.

Another reason for the spread of "Hickey" refers to the introduction of high-tech daily life.Instead of having to deal with real people, to develop communication skills and social adaptation, to get used to a constant struggle, a man goes into the virtual world.For days Hickey disappears at a forum on the theme "hikikomori", deals with the same, as he did, fans of manga and anime.Many Hickey talk about their lives on various web portals, trying somehow to attract attention.This paradox is inherent in the behavior of the majority Hickey: they both wish to retreat, but at the same time eager to communicate.

Although the rapid development of network technology to some extent contributed to the spread of the phenomenon of "hikikomori", while at the same time, the Internet saves many lives Hickey.Those who have not yet fully sunk into the abyss of indifference somehow engaged in the most simple and low-paid freelance.Such Hickey living separately and at their own expense, because many do not need a recluse.Hickey is enough noodles for the cheapest food.He was the main thing that had a computer with Internet connection, and that no one bothered.Since the "Hickey" care how it looks, the money for the purchase of new things is also not wasted.

addition to overpopulation and surrogate networking, hikikomori exist due to constantly accelerates the pace of life.If earlier for the life of a person in his entourage happened very few critical changes, such changes now occur every 3-5 years.

Look around and remember his life ten years ago.You will be amazed at the number of changes that have taken place around you.And if we somehow, but adapt, the Hickey did not handle the load.People with a mild, timid character do not have time for the rest of the society.They do not understand what all the fuss is needed.The best, in their opinion, the way out of this situation is a voluntary asceticism and renunciation of consumer values.Also can become reclusive People with the syndrome have a procrastination and because of this weak motivational component character.

last major "reserves" for recruiting Hickey are young people who can not live independently, and even 30 years, there by their parents solely because of their laziness, selfishness and spoiled.Such "mama's boy" is not involved in anything other than reading manga, watching anime, and games on the computer.Even a strong base instinct as a sexual suppressed by using various pornokomiksov and Hunt.People belonging to this category have no ambitions and satisfy his desires in dreams.So Hickey because of their selfishness absolutely do not care about the fact that they are dependents.At the same time they believe that parents are obliged to pay attention to them, in spite of the voluntary retreat.

This paradox behavior Hickey has already led to the tragedy.In 2000, seventeen Japanese Hickey seized a bus with passengers and killed one person.According to him, this way he avenged his parents, because they no longer contain it and forcibly sent to a rehabilitation center.

In society there is no unequivocal opinion about "Hickey".Among these people a lot of good and talented individuals.Many people become Hickey because of the inability to get a good job, not because of laziness.Every year in East Asia is becoming increasingly difficult to get in any corporation, because of the very high professional requirements and the general cult of ruthless competition.In order to negate the movement of "hikikomori", you need to change the entire system of relations in society, but it is currently not possible.Therefore, most likely, Hickey number worldwide would grow.

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