How to study in basketball trick.

start learning the basics of basketball can be a very early age.The easiest way to do it under the supervision of experienced trainers in public or private sports clubs.If near your home has a basketball court, in the warmer months it is not empty and it can be fun to use for its intended purpose.After all, the main incentive in any endeavor - a desire, backed by persistence, without which it is impossible to achieve results.Therefore, feints training in basketball, conduct, rolls or dribbling does not apply to extraordinary wisdom, it is only important to practice in this field.Once you have mastered the basic rules are and the principles of the game, the opportunity to develop their skills further.


Learning techniques of basketball is conducted gradually, in principle from the simple to the complex.This progressive scale allows us to develop the dexterity and skill of possession, in the latter stages you will no longer have questions about how to make feints in basketball.All activities will take place at the level of intuition.

Although the basics of basketball are learned in childhood, and even beginners already own the basics of dribbling, further training teamwork in a team - this is not the case of two classes.Trainees are built into the column and in turn apply the skills learned in the confrontation with the defense and take them to maneuver.The principle that is put in the simplest trick in basketball is that players need to run round from behind and entering it confusing to get the ball from team-mate.

Team play

In the future, things get more complicated.Basketball built triples in which a couple of attackers and one defender.In basketball, many exercises are similar, but they are all focused on the development of team interaction.It's not an individual game, and with the help of teammates can achieve significant results.

following exercise training is pick the ball after a throw.Typically, it involves two players - striker and defender.The objective of the first to receive the ball, while the second is to prevent it from doing so.The movement of this pair of basketball is along the boundary line that constrains their movement and does not allow remote crawls.It is in such circumstances and are determined so as to make feints in basketball and when their use is appropriate.


If you want to improve the individual possession of the ball, it is important to master the techniques of dribbling controlled in the lower zone.This trick is used in basketball to bring the ball out of the zone of the enemy, or in the case of supersaturated platform in the grid rivals.To effectively carry out this operation, you need to spread apart the fingers, but do not strain them.The elbow should touch the body, and the forearm - parallel to the floor.The ball should be to push the hand and fingers, keeping a distance between themselves and the opponent.After the start of rapprochement and after the defender put up an arm or leg, the interval of reference changes, and apply a high rebound offset - The result is a departure from the enemy.

If you need to beat the opponent or get him the ball, it will approach even simple feint.In basketball, it is easy for beginners to master them.So they made a very simple way.It is only necessary to press your elbows close to the body and a quick, deft movement to snatch the ball from his leading player.


However, these methods are not improving ends.No less important role played by the high dribble at chest level.For him, there is also a sequence of principles that make a feint in basketball allows you to provide the necessary impact on the competition.If a player leads the ball high into the stand, despite its acceleration, it should be able to extinguish his energy to transmit a pass or maneuver.If the free space in front of a basketball player, and no limit its movement, the situation is changing.It should push the ball as far as possible from him, created more than a sharp corner when it hit the floor, thereby increasing the amplitude and speed of movement of the player.