Top 13 most massive layoffs in 2012

It is not only the Russians this year, losing their jobs: tens of world's largest corporations started downsizing

economic media commentators have made a rating, "baker's dozen" companies champions of planned layoffs of personnel.So, who is this year no luck most of all?

1. company Citigroup: intends to part with 1200 employees

American financial giant until the end of the year will reduce a half-percent of employees worldwide.This capability, the company has appeared in connection with the management of large-scale optimization of operations with securities.Over time, Citigroup considering fire for about 350 clerks.As for the coming wave of layoffs, after her corporation will operate 259 800 people.

2. Cisco Systems: dismiss 1,300

of the world's largest telecom equipment manufacturers farewell to 1.8% of the workforce by the end of the year the company will be 70 525 people.Cisco Senior representatives prefer not to, in any particular department conducted "clean";However, experts suggest that the corporation could completely close one of the units and disperse all the people working there.

3. United Continental Holdings: 1,300 fires

American company for cargo going to say goodbye to one and a half per cent of the workers.After completion of the cuts it will work 85 700 people.United Continental has decided to consolidate the business in the United States and stop trucking in some areas of the world, such as in New Zealand.

4. Kraft Foods: dismiss 1,600 employees

of the world's largest producers of food is going to put on the street 1.3% of employees.The staff are 124 400 people.First of all, the dismissal will affect units Kraft Foods in North America: the owners are preparing to divide a single business into two parts.

5. Yahoo !: dismiss 2,000

once the world's largest search engine has been some time going through hard times.Things American corporation confidently go on the decline, and the owners decided to cut this year, 14.2% of the staff.At work remain 12,100 people.Guide Yahoo! has issued a statement that was up to an ambitious program of cuts, being unable to stop the rapid decline in business.

6. First Solar: dismiss 2,000

First Solar had once been an early adopter of alternative energy sources.Now the company is struggling as it may, for survival in the global market.In 2012, 28.6% will be laid off staff and will remain on the job only five thousand people.In the near future First Solar can close everything facilities in Frankfurt and reduce presence in Malaysia.

7. Boeing: dismisses 2160

not avoid economic hardships and Aircraft sector, including a major aircraft manufacturing concern as "Boeing".Under a press reach 1.3% of the employees of the corporation by the end of the year will run 169,540 people."Boeing" has already announced its intention to close the plant in the US city of Wichita, which is continuously operated 85 years.

8. Research In Motion: dismiss 5,000

Canadian company Research In Motion is a manufacturer of mobile phones Blackberry.This year - experts say - turned to the company literally murderous: Research In Motion is breaking all records for the loss, and the share of the market Blackberry operating systems and smartphones is rapidly declining.As a result, more than 30 percent of employees are in the street.Work still 11,500 people.

9. Pepsi: dismiss 8,700

At Pepsi, one of the world's leading manufacturers of beverage, things are not as bad as the neighbors of "severance rating."The company continues to lead a fierce battle with the "Coca-Cola" for markets non-alcoholic beverages.However, - experts say - this year's leadership "Pepsi" will have the same 2.9% to dismiss workers.Abbreviations touch once 30 countries.By year end, the company will be 288,300 employees.

10. IBM: 9,000 fires

In 2012, high-tech company bye to 2.1% of the state.And if the United States and Canada will be laid off a total of about a thousand people in Germany work lose about eight thousand.Will continue to work for the companies IBM 424,362 people.

11. Lockheed Martin: dismiss 10,000 people

Armory Corporation, one of the official partners of the Pentagon, reduces 8.1% of personnel leaving the field 113,000 people.The reason is quite simple: the United States severely cut the budget for the "defense industry".

12. American Airlines: lay off 14,200 people

Ā«American AirlinesĀ» this year literally shocked and their clients, and many experts declare bankruptcy.In this regard, before the end of the year work will lose 17.7% of the company's employees.And even for those 65,900 people that still remain, the future is very uncertain.

13. Hewlett-Packard: dismiss 27,000 people

This company is likely to become this year's champion in terms of layoffs.Manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories is going to get rid of 7.7% of the workforce.After completion of the furlough program will work 322 600 people.

general, - experts say - for the personal computer market fell on hard times: users are increasingly moving to mobile devices, and to pay for changes in the interests of consumers just have to work.

Victoria Fomenko

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