Memorial Day Xenia of Petersburg - February 6

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Blessed Mother Xenia - Petersburg holy fool, has dedicated his life to serving the Lord.Before you answer the question "when the day of memory of Xenia of Petersburg", dip a bit into the history of her life mnogostradalnoy.Before foolishness called her Petrova Xenia G., the year of her birth is not exactly known, but it accounts for about a period from 1719 till 1730-th years.Even during his lifetime, and then for many years and until today it is revered wonder monger and first assistant.For the love of neighbor and salvation she took upon himself the exploit of foolishness and deliberately trying to look mad crazy.For their suffering, wandering, patience insults and ridicule, and most importantly - love and assistance to people she received from God the gift of wonderworking and perspicacity.

Blessed Xenia rested somewhere no later than 1806.Her body was buried in the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg.Memorial Day blessed Xenia of Petersburg is revered by many believers.Her name was canonized in the Local Council of the Church of the summer of 1988.

life story of the great ascetic Xenia

Unfortunately, information about the childhood and youth of the Nun Xenia did not survive, but we know a lot of that is due to the feat of foolishness.

Xenia G. lived in St. Petersburg, her husband - Colonel Petrov Andrey Fedorovich, he was a chorister in the court choir.

sudden and untimely death of her husband without Christian penance greatly shocked 26-year-old Xenia.And then she decided to take a heavy Christian and salutary feat - become for all terrestrial people mad.Thus, she brought a sacrifice to the Lord in your mind - is the most valuable thing a man can have.This widow Xenia wanted to pray to his salvation that he has pardoned her husband suddenly died.

Xenia of Petersburg.Memorial Day

whacky Xenia renounced all goods, titles, wealth, and - most impossible and unreal - from herself.She even took her husband's name, renouncing his own.And now the name of Andrei Fedorovich began its hard way of the cross Xenia of Petersburg, Memorial Day is now with great love note people.

continue the story of the nun Xenia.When the funeral of her husband she had put on his military uniform: coat, pants, jacket and cap - something friends and relatives thought she lost her mind.The very same mad widow began to argue that the alleged Andrei Fedorovich alive, he embodied in Xenia, the one that died long ago.Since it began a nomadic life on the streets of St. Petersburg.

way, Memorial Day Xenia of Petersburg today is celebrated in a special way in St Petersburg, as it is revered as the patron saint of the northern capital of Russia.

Self-sacrifice for love

After the death of her husband Andrei Fedorovich Xenia decided to donate his house Paraskeva Antonova, who rented them a room.All their possessions she gave to the poor people and the money made for the soul of the servant of God Xenia.Relatives Xenia husband were puzzled by the fact that it works.They felt that the madness of the disease, it distributes its property and decided to petition the authorities husband.However, after appropriate survey in the conclusion of the medical commission it had written that she is healthy and able to dispose of all his own inheritance.

After Xenia distributed all that she had, her husband wearing a military uniform, she went to his ascetic journey.


People often wonder when Remembrance Day Xenia of St. Petersburg, and what is it famous?Try to understand, following interesting events in her life.

She wandered for days in St. Petersburg, it did not frighten either the summer heat or fierce winter cold.Passersby often jeered and taunted her, especially boys-rascals.Xenia looked very strange in a strange man's clothes, she expressed obscurely, but was gentle and meek.Whacky constantly prayed and dutifully carried their selfless heroism.

Church of the Smolensk cemetery

Just at this time in the Smolensk cemetery underway was construction of a stone church.The structure was already quite high, and the masons building material comes through forests and then to stack him.Blessed Xenia began to secretly help the builders.At night, she raised boulders in the woods and dump it.Working in the morning could not exert the mind, who so selflessly helped them.Then they decided to follow.At night, they came on the scene and saw his assistant, the well-known St. Petersburg "insane" Xenia.

Many believers revered Memorial Day Xenia of Petersburg, remembering all of its services to the Church and the Lord.


Gradually vagrant Xenia of St. Petersburg more sensitive and faithful people came to see something special.It is not just begged alms, as a simple beggar.Alms which she was given, it is not everyone something and took.She did it only to those who were kind and cordial.However, they are taking a penny, she immediately distributed them to other poor beggar.

When Blessed Xenia wear her husband's clothes, she became the pitiful wearing tattered rags, and calloused bare feet swollen from the cold, wore torn shoes.Gentlemen people offered her clothes, but she refused.

Now a day honoring the memory of Xenia of St. Petersburg people come to the temple to pray and ask for her protection and comfort.And often see on Xenia is a red jacket and green.However, it was true, she invariably dressed in mundirskie these colors: red or green blouse and skirt.

Memorial Day Xenia of Petersburg.February

history holy Xenia, devoid of its own accord all the good things of life, will cause many to reflect on the major issues of life and death.After reviewing all the details, will certainly want to know the exact day of remembrance Xenia of Petersburg, to this day to pray to her and honor her memory.

After all, she had not given up his life of holy fool, nothing it did not break, but rather only strengthened her faith in God.During the day she is insane, could wander the crowded city, and at night went beyond its margin to quietly without bustle of the city to pray.In this holy Xenia bow on four sides.According to her, in those moments of God's presence was felt "more clearly".


Over time, local noticed that in all of its affairs is something hidden, some unfathomable deep meaning.And if she suddenly come up and ask for something, it was a sign of impending trouble or adversity, but if you give, then the wait will soon unintentional pleasure or profit.Since then, it has become revered by the people as a prozorlivitsa.And as soon as she appeared on the streets, everyone knew it tried to offer her help or service.The market was noted that if the holy fool Xenia take something from the owner-seller, in this day, he will have a successful sale.

Now Memorial Day Xenia of Petersburg - February 6 - many business people come to the temple to pray icon Xenia and ask for prosperity of their businesses in the hope that it will help.

Holy Xenia

Popularity Xenia of Petersburg grew with each passing day.Many mothers, seeing the Blessed Xenia, immediately hurried to her with her children, so she blessed them.They were sure that one of her touch could heal their sick child.

Therefore, the feast day of blessed Xenia of Petersburg and many parents rush to pray before her image, because it is honored as the protector of the holy and the assistant in the education of children.

gift of clairvoyance, she received due to his great humility, spiritual feats of bodily misery, love of neighbor and constant prayer.That his God's power she used to help people who always helped in the affairs of worldly and spiritual.

The case when the holy Xenia rescued the unborn child.One day she appeared on the doorstep of the very Paraskeva Antonova, which she had simply given her house and told her what a marvelous and incomprehensible words: "You're sitting there, darn stockings and did not know that God has sent you a son!Most run on Smolensk cemetery! "Paraskeva was at a loss, all the words she seemed to some nonsense, but still listened to her blessed patron and hurried to the cemetery.There she saw a huge crowd and came closer, I noticed that some cab driver knocked down a woman who was pregnant.Here in the land that gave birth to a boy and died.Find her relatives, as if no one tried, and failed.Paraskeva, seeing in this the finger of God, took the boy to her, adopted and began to raise the child as his own strict rules of Christian life.Adopted son until the last days caring for her.

Temple of the Smolensk cemetery

Holy Xenia feat of foolishness stayed about 45 years, performing the feat before the end, she went to the Lord.The body of this holy ugodnitsy God was buried in the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg.On the very spot where she helped build the church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God.

It has been many centuries since its resting place, but Memorial Day Xenia of Petersburg honor all Orthodox Christians.Is not cleared people's memory and appreciation of the wonders perpetrated by the prayers of the holy ugodnitsy.

in 1902 on the site of the tomb of the Venerable Saint Xenia built a new chapel with a marble headstone and iconostasis.It has always been and are committed memorial services and special prayers at the Memorial Day Xenia of Petersburg - February 6.Today, the chapel was restored and is also open for prayer.