What is the Presentation of the Lord?

Among Orthodox holidays you can celebrate the holiday of Candlemas.And some just might be the question of what is a Candlemas.What events have created it?Presentation of the Lord - one of the most revered twelve great Christian holidays.Read events associated with the earthly life of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.Feast of Candlemas - which do not go, and he decided to celebrate February 15.The word "srѣtenie" from Church translates as "meeting".

What does Candlemas?

day of the Meeting to determine the point of time when I met the Old Testament with the New Testament - the ancient world to the world of Christianity.All this happened because of one man in the Gospel given to this special place.However, the start order.Luke says that the Presentation of the Lord was exactly 40 days after the Nativity of Christ.

There is a very interesting fact connected with the answer to the question of whether any of Candlemas.In the year 528 in Antioch took a major earthquake, and many people were killed.Then, in the same land (544th) an epidemic pestilence, and people began to die by the thousands.In these days of terrible calamities one a devout Christian dispensation was opened to the feast of the Presentation of the people did solemnly.And then that day were held all-night vigil (public service), and the procession.Only then will these terrible disasters in the Christian Byzantine Empire ceased.Then the church in gratitude to God established to celebrate the Presentation of the Lord February 15 solemnly and reverently.

history holiday

While the Jews there were two traditions that have been associated with the birth of a baby in the family.Postpartum women were forbidden to come to the Temple 40 days, if it is a boy was born, and if a girl - and then all of 80. Upon the expiry of a woman in labor was to bring a cleansing sacrifice in the Temple.For burnt offerings and for sin brought the lamb and the dove.Poor family instead of the lamb sacrificed another dove.

Parents of a newborn baby boy on the 40th day were to come with him to the temple to perform the sacrament of consecration to God.And it was not just a tradition, and the law of Moses, established in memory of the liberation of the Jews from slavery and exodus from Egypt.And now we come to the most important event of the Gospel, which will explain in detail what the Candlemas.

from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, Mary and Joseph arrived.In the hands of them was the Divine Infant.Their family lived in poverty, so they sacrificed the two doves.Immaculate Mother of God, despite the fact that Jesus was born as a result of the Immaculate Conception, still brought the situation of victims with gentleness, humility and great respect for Jewish law.

Now, when the rite was performed, and the Holy Family was going to get out of the temple, there they were approached the old man named Simeon.It was a great saint.Taking the Christ Child in his arms, he with great joy exclaimed: "Now dismiss thy servant, O Lord, according to thy word, in peace, for mine eyes have seen thy salvation ...»


At the time of his meeting with the Christ Child ElderSimeon, there were more than 300 years.It was a very revered and respected man, one of the 72 scientists who have been entrusted with the gospel to translate from Hebrew into Greek.This Saturday he was in this temple is not accidental, because it is the Holy Spirit led him here.

Once upon a time, Simeon took up the translation of Isaiah, he was very surprised to read there are incomprehensible to his mind the words: "Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son."Then he thought to himself that he could not give birth to a virgin and would like to change the word "virgin" to "Woman,".Suddenly an angel appeared from heaven and forbidden to do so, and told him that while he does not see with his own eyes the Lord Jesus - will not die, and that the prophecy is true.

«Nunc Dimittis»

From the moment he was waiting for this moment for a long time and finally fulfilled the prophecy of the angel - Simeon saw the young child, which gave birth to the Immaculate Virgin.Now he could calmly to rest in peace.The church is named Simeon, and he became famous as a saint.

Later Bishop Theophane the Recluse wrote that since the Presentation of the Old Testament gives way to Christianity.Now this gospel story every day is mentioned in Christian worship - "Song of Simeon," or in other words - "Nunc Dimittis."


Simeon Simeon, picking up his babe Blessed Virgin said to her: "That's because he will argue in people: some will be saved and others perish.And thy own soul a sword will - may be revealed the thoughts of many hearts. "

What did he mean?It turns out that disputes among the people represent persecution, prepared for her son, the discovery of thoughts - God's judgment, weapons that would pierce her heart - a prophecy of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, after death, he took the nails and spear, a terrible pain passed through the mother's heart.

Mother of God "Softener of Evil Hearts" was a vivid illustration of the prophecy of Simeon.Painters depicted the Mother of God, standing on a cloud with a family stuck in the heart of swords.

prophetess Anna

Another important event happened that day, and another meeting happened.Marian came 84-year-old woman, Anna, a prophetess, the so-called its citizens.She has worked and lived at the temple and was a pious, as was in constant prayer and fasting.Anna bowed to the Christ Child, went out of the Temple and began to tell all citizens great news that the Messiah came into the world.Meanwhile, Joseph and Mary with the Child, according to all that was laid by the law of Moses, returned to Nazareth.

Now it is clear that such Candlemas?After Candlemas - a meeting with the Savior.The names of the elder Simeon and the prophetess Anna, written in Scripture, they gave us an example, as with a pure and open heart to receive the Lord.After meeting with the Infant Jesus, Simeon went to the hereafter.

Feast of the Presentation of

Candlemas - ancient holiday in Christianity.In IV-V centuries, the people uttered Sretensky first sermon, take, for example, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Gregory the Theologian, John Chrysostom and Gregory of Nyssa.

some interest in the question of the number of Candlemas.In the church calendar, unchanging place is the feast of the Presentation, which is always celebrated on February 15.But if the date falls on the Presentation of the Lord Monday in the first week of Lent, which can also be transferred to the vigil for February 14.

Asked about what is Candlemas, first of all I must say that this festival dedicated to the Lord Jesus.In the first century, it was a day of celebration in honor of the Virgin.Therefore, those who call this holiday the Theotokos, in part, too, will be right.After all, the service and build on this same day in prayers and hymns to the Virgin occupy the central position.This duality of the holiday of Candlemas has had an impact on the color of clothes that clothe the priests in the service.White became a symbol of the divine light, blue - integrity and purity of the Virgin.


tradition on the feast of the Presentation of the holy church candles came to Orthodoxy from Roman Catholics.In 1646, the Metropolitan of Kiev Petro Mohyla in great detail described the Catholic rite in his missal, was arranged when the procession, which is a march with torches.Thus the Roman Church distracted his flock from the pagan traditions associated the worship of fire.

In the Orthodox Church belonged to the Sretensky candles in a special awe and reverence.These candles are kept all year and used during a home prayer.

tradition of celebrating Candlemas

As a result, the Christian Orthodox tradition to celebrate Candlemas mixed with pagan rites.Since the meeting of Simeon with the Holy Family found a calendar, another analogy.Candlemas Day was a holiday meeting of winter and spring.People celebrate Candlemas on the signs of all kinds.For example, there are various sayings such as: "to meet the sun in the summer, cold winter in turn", "Candlemas winter and spring found" and so on. D. The first thaw or frost Sretensky had a name.On Candlemas signs suggest how soon will come the heat or it will still be cold.

Noting folk festivals Feast of the Presentation, the peasants began to prepare for the spring.Cattle sent from barn to paddock seeds prepared for sowing, engaged in whitewashing the trees and so on. D.

Interesting facts

interesting that in the United States and Canada holiday Candlemas is celebrated on February 2 and is dedicated to him is another famous festival - Groundhog Day.

But in the Chita region is the city Sretenskii, named in honor of this great holiday.

In some other countries this day is celebrated the Day of Orthodox Youth, approved in 1992 by the heads of local Orthodox churches.This idea belongs to the World Orthodox Youth Movement "SYNDESMOS."

Plots icons

Candlemas icon shows the plot of the narrative of the Evangelist Luke, where the pious Virgin Mary gives up her baby Jesus Elder Simeon.Behind the Mother of God is Joseph the Betrothed, which carries a cage with two doves.Behind Simeon depicts Anna, a prophetess.

One of the most ancient images can be found in the mosaic of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, the city of Rome, which was established at the beginning of the V century.It can be considered as the Holy Virgin Mary with the Divine Infant in her arms to be sent to St. Simeon, and this time it is accompanied by angels.

Candlemas Orthodox in Russia was depicted in two frescoes of the XII century.The first is located in the St. Cyril's Church of Kiev.The second icon Candlemas - in Novgorod, in the Church of the Savior on Nerditse.Quite an unusual image of the Presentation of the icons are in the medieval Georgian art, there is instead represented by the symbol of the altar sacrifices to the Lord - a burning candle.

Icon Blagodatnaya Mary "Softener of Evil Hearts" (in other words, it is called "Simeon prophetically," "Seven Arrows") associated with the events of the Presentation.In this icon sharp arrows pierce the heart of the Virgin Mary standing on a cloud, with three arrows on either side and one from the bottom.But there is an icon, where the Mother of God permeates the dagger, not the arrows.

These icons symbolize prophecy of the holy old man Simeon, which he made after his meeting with the Mother of God and her baby.

Religious people always refer to these icons with a prayer.When mitigation heart facilitated not only their physical but also mental suffering.They know that if you pray before the image of the Virgin of their enemies, then gradually begin to fade and disappear hostile feeling anger replaced compassion and kindness.