Cutting tool: variety, properties and application

Currently, the industry of industrial machines used in many devices such as cutters.There are various types of these products.They are used in lathe, planer, lathe turret, grooving, special machines.Incisors classified by type of work that they perform, that is, they are cutting, looping, boring, carving, scoring, shaped.Let us consider the cutting tool.

description and design features

Parting tool used in turning machines for cutting metal products and breaching the narrow grooves in the details.This device can be designed differently.For each kind of turning operations are special types of cutters.It depends on the type of processing.For example, the recess in the part carried by grooving cutter.The cutting head of the device is similar to the shape done within the groove.It depends on the size of the required recess.When using a hard metal has to perform several approaches to make the groove.

Cutters cutting divided by the following characteristics.

  • Direction: right and left bent and straight.
  • By type of metal finishing: Cutting tool for roughing, finishing and fine finishing.
  • The shape of the cross section: round, square and rectangular.
  • By difference with respect to the setting items: the tangential and radial cutters.
  • more data devices vary depending on the design of a device for chip breaking, and the material from which they are made.

job cutting tool takes place in difficult conditions.Any unnecessary load can lead to a failure of this device as a result of the fact that its surface is too small.With proper installation tool sharpening and it is possible to avoid breakage.To prolong the life of this product, brazed plate in Rout angular groove.In order to prevent breakage of the cutting tool or defects of the projection at the end of the tool parts should be installed above and below the axis.Processing brittle materials is carried out at about 5-10 °.

cutter cutting lathe - setting products

This process is not too complicated.Widespread cutters are made of solid metal, and a little less frequently used data devices with soldered carbide plate.As the head of this product is exposed to strong lateral friction, it must be Sause 1-2 degrees.And installed such a device to grind the subject of a right angle.An important consideration when installing the cutting tool is to find the exact center of the part.It is important in this case.In turning operations with fragile materials used cutting tool set at small angles - 5-10 degrees.Otherwise treated rod may break.For high-speed devices operating speed should be in the range of from 25 to 30 m / minute, and the data items with a carbide tipped - from 125 to 150 m / min.


should be remembered that the cutting tool must be properly installed and locked up, otherwise it may be damaged.To increase the strength and rigidity of the head product of said its height is greater than that of the rod.You also need to know that in order to prevent tearing of the holder of the plate it is advisable to carry it out groove corner tipped that will lead to an increase in its area of ​​fit and service life cutter.