Such unusual lifts: automobile tehsredstva

It's no secret that hoists greatly facilitate the process of the mobile service vehicles.Technical means, which is the special lifting mechanism, allows a person to maximize ease and simplify the execution of a task, due primarily to a torque of unimpeded access to the various places of the vehicle, regardless of its structure.

What are Hoists?

technical equipment on the market there is a huge selection of different purpose and different actions on the basis of car lifts.The importance of having such aid in the workshop invaluable large.In the process of garage equipment is necessary to consider the main point of such an enterprise, and in particular: what kind of work will produce a workshop?Of course, the best option would be the choice of the lift, which is able to meet the versatile options of use.Given the alleged specific type of services provided by stations, modification lifts tehsredstva should best meet the purpose and the ability to express the quality of operational nature.Let's see what kind of car lifts are, where and for what use?

Two-type device

This is the most common form of equipment, has been widely used because of the universal principle of action.A vehicle will be maintained in a suspended state by sometimes different designs of sliding clutches.Lifting can be performed on different type drive: electromechanical or electro-hydraulic.It is also necessary to take into account the factor of the lifting capacity of the device.Undisputed advantage of different "bezplatformennaya" design.Hoists of this type are most effective in their work.For example: diagnostics, repair and maintenance carried out at a very comfortable environment.

four-post hoists

Most of all this type of equipment is applicable to trucks.Design feature of this lift are four pairs interconnected rack that allows you to create favorable conditions not only for diagnosis and repair, and control of corners make installation and adjustment (disorder-convergence) wheels.It is important to know that during maintenance trucks are always taken into account the length of the platform.The most appropriate size is considered, expressing the total length of the lift 4,6-5 m. It is worth noting that the four-post car lift, the price of which is a cross between 2 000 and 5 000 $, very popular.The only drawback of the device is the presence in the construction of cross bridges, which sometimes makes it difficult to work the mechanics.

scissor type lifting device

This equipment is capable of effectively enough to solve the problem of space, as set in the level of the floor in the folded position and takes almost no space.However, for professional diagnostics and repair of the suspension is used exclusively scissor lift car.Also competently using this equipment eliminates problems associated with the steering cars.Constructive thoroughness and practical value of this type of lifting devices are implemented in portable versions that allows you to use the beneficial properties of the "scissors" outside the service station.The only negative - the high cost of this modification.

In conclusion

In this review were considered the main types of lifts.Today the range of this equipment is quite diverse and incredibly broad in application, which for obvious reasons can not be reflected in detail in this article.Therefore, if the information received is not sufficient for you, consult a qualified specialist.