South America: Lake, interesting for tourists

In South America, the biggest fall precipitation in comparison with other continents.This created favorable conditions for the emergence of abundant lakes and rivers.They play a major role in various aspects of life of mankind and the earth, among them there is also a tourist component.Incidentally, some rivers and lakes in South America contain virtually no water.But for travelers that does not make them less attractive.Even more likely, on the contrary - today, many interesting South America.

Lake mainland annually attracts a lot of travelers.View some of these people are coming from all over the world.


Many tourists are interesting for research in South America.The lakes also attract their attention.The biggest of them - Maracaibo.But if it is considered as a geographical entity, it has the features of the bay.Its main feature is pretty terrible and unique natural phenomenon - a lightning Catatumbo.

point in the confluence of the rivers Catatumbo lightning observed.There they beat almost continuously for 9 hours.Almost half of the nights here are very bright flashes lit up, they can be seen at 400 km.

This phenomenon is explained by the collision of methane rises.It comes from the local marshes, as well as the Andes, with descending air currents.At this point in the clouds formed by the potential difference, which is always discharged in the form of celestial electricity.

Pitch Lake

in Trinidad is Pitch Lake Lake.No one in mind it will not swim, even if he is very interested in South America, the lake that attracts the attention of a huge number of tourists every year.

This huge reservoir natural "live" asphalt, a total area of ​​about 40 hectares.Gloomy, black, sometimes gurgling periodically surface in some parts of the islands with the ground, it is not clear as there appeared, on which grow twisted, stunted trees - in this surprisingly non-touristic place landscape.

come here not in order to admire and to see something unique and to go to the local museum.It exhibits obtained from bituminous lake: Indian pottery, huge sloth bones and cut the tree trunk, whose age is estimated at 4000 years.

Titicaca This lake has several at once "titles»:

  • this is the alpine lake in the world, having the opportunity to navigation;
  • second largest on the continent of South America (the lake of the continent with the "scattered" across its territory);
  • in South America's largest store of fresh water.

For lovers of adventure and travel is a lake surrounded by a veil of mystery and legends.For example, the treasure hunters believe that on its bottom buried treasures of ancient civilizations.

Red Lake

Considering lake in South America, we can not isolate Red Lake.This is often called the Laguna Colorada.This lake is located in the reserve under the name Eduardo Avaroa in Bolivia, at an altitude of almost 4200 meters.

Its uniqueness is based on two factors.

  • first: this place "live" algae, which produce substances that reliably protects them from ultraviolet radiation, thus changing the shade of the water.Lake depending on the temperature and time of day may acquire different shades - from crimson to dark purple.
  • following: a place where settle thousands of flamingos, among which there are representatives of the rarest species.


Some lakes in South America differ a little water.So in Uyuni, it appears extremely rare.It is the world's largest salt dry lake, which was formed in the prehistoric period by the transformation of several ponds immediately.

This huge salt marsh, a total area of ​​about 10.5 thousand sq. Km, located in Bolivia, in the south of the Altiplano, the desert plain.It contains large reserves of salt, lithium chloride.

Travelers come here during the rainy season, the lake gives a wonderful impression.At this time, a feeling of driving or walking through a huge mirror, flat and smooth, which is spread over vast distances.

On the mainland there are many beautiful lakes.Some of them are located in remote regions, while others are "untwisted tourist attractions."Anyway, see the largest lakes in South America is every travelers seeking unforgettable experiences and vivid impressions.