The largest water park in Moscow and other popular water parks of the capital

water park is a place where you can have a great time with family or friends, to plunge into the world of water attractions, relax your body and soul.It is important to make the correct choice in favor of a particular space.It is considered that the more the better.What is the largest water park in Moscow, capital of Russia?You can find out The comparative characteristic of the city's most visited water parks.

largest water park - "Kwa-Kwa»

The largest water park in Moscow - is a water park with a funny name "Kwa-Kwa", which since 2006 has rightly called the largest not only in the capital city, but also inthe entire state and is very popular among Muscovites and guests of the city.Water park occupies a vast area of ​​4.5 square kilometers.The building is the water park located in Mytishchi (str. Communist, 1).

The largest water park in Moscow has in its arsenal of seven hills, which differ from each other in shape and steepness, wave pool, a water town for children, spa services.Lovers will appreciate the presence hotter sauna and bath.At night, on Saturdays you can get to a cool party on the draft Shine.The water park resort feel a special atmosphere, grow real trees, and through the work of professional photographers with a memory can be carried out high-quality and colorful pictures.

newest water park - "Moreon»

The largest water park in Moscow among the newly built - it is water-entertainment center "Moreon", located at Yasenevo Street.Golubinskaya, 16. It was built relatively recently, in 2013, and covers an area of ​​2.5 square kilometers.Waterpark has at its disposal six different shapes and sizes of slides, some of which are taken out of the park wall, and a wide variety of water attractions.

It provides the river with reversing course, aero-spa bath, a hot tub, thermal baths (including a Finnish sauna) and even a climbing wall, reaching a height of 14 meters, which is a distinctive feature of the "Moreona."For lovers of sports, fitness and healthy lifestyle provides a fitness center with swimming pool.Here you can admire the waterfalls and visit the caves.This place will certainly please both children and adults.

most popular water park - "Fantasy»

Water Park "Fantasy" was opened in 2009.You can find it in Marino, at ul.Lublin, 100. It offers guests four swimming pools (for adults and children) and five slides.You can not just swim and enjoy water attractions, but also sit in a cozy cafe, which looks like a pirate ship now.Like the water park "Kwa-Kwa" (the largest water park in Moscow), are also often throw parties in the style of Shine.

notable fact is that the "Fantasy" is a part of a whole range of entertainment rollerdrome, bowling, billiards, karaoke, cafes and bars.A distinctive feature of the complex is the water division of its territory on the 4 "continent": America, Europe, Africa and Antarctica.From one area to another can be reached by a special inflatable raft.

most budget waterpark - "Caribia»

Water Park "Caribia" (Green Avenue, 10B) differs unusual inner filling.Some elements of the interior are made in the Roman style.It provides 4 slides and 3 pools, in addition, you can choose a suitable form of entertainment for yourself: slot machines, solarium, massage parlor, 7D-cinema and even laser paintball and mini-golf to football.Beautifully decorated ceiling Water Park - tropical style.

The water park regularly organize actions and give discounts on certain types of services, so the water park "Caribia" is considered one of the most affordable in the capital.Water Park in Moscow (prices can be found on the official site of the water park, the average adult ticket is 750-1000 rubles, children 500-550 rubles), entitled "Caribia" offers its customers a terrific vacation, a lot of positive emotions, good mood and energy boost for longtime.

Waterpark - a universal form of entertainment that is suitable for everybody.Both large and small pleasure spend their time in water parks, sporting water attractions or drinking a refreshing cocktail in the Jacuzzi.For residents of the metropolis is a great holiday option, especially for those who have no opportunity to go to the sea.Water parks Moscow and Moscow region are wonderful alternative to resort living abroad.