Rest in Sochi.

city of Sochi, the climate which we describe in this article, is in our country its summer unofficial "capital".It is located on the northeast coast of the Black Sea.

climate of the Crimea and Sochi ulterior motive is increased interest.It is very important for the city-resort weather.In this regard, we are interested in town can boast - the weather always delight visitors.Some even say that they found here in this regard absolute.Climate Sochi will give you, is only the right to agree on the trip with her purpose.You can do this by reading this article.

tourist season in the city of Sochi

today is Russia's largest modern resort, which has federal status.He is also one of the longest among European cities, as Sochi length is 146 kilometers.This city is unique ski, balneotherapeutic, excursion resort and business and sports center, is rapidly developing.After it was approved the decision that the city will be held in 2014, the Olympic Games, were built many congress halls, stadiums, new hotels and various tourist and sports facilities.

population in the season, which lasts from April to November, increasing to 4 million people, while the population of the city as such is about 400 thousand inhabitants.

High season

Sochi, as you know, is in the summer is quite expensive city, because at that time raised the price of food products, as well as the skyrocketing cost of hotel rooms.Accommodation in a hotel, as a rule, will cost from April to the end of May to 20%, and in high season (June through August) - on 45-80% more expensive than at other times.It caused such a pricing policy that in the summer there is a huge influx of tourists.At this time in Sochi come to tour the stars.And, of course, do not forget about the film festival "Kinotavr", which has an international status - a real mecca for film makers, as well as professional connoisseurs and lovers of cinema.

Sochi in low season

low season, clearly expressed, in this city there.At the end of a beach almost immediately opened a ski.Characteristic of the city a short period of calm about the middle of November to early December and from late April to mid-May.After the departure of holidaymakers home starts business trips, conferences and forums.In the city, for example, to organize an international investment forum, and one tourist complex "Dagomys" ever accept a UN meeting, which addressed the issues of disarmament.

Sochi during the beach season

Beach season opened in the city in late May.At this time, the water is heated to 18 ° C.This, of course, low to swim comfortably, but has not been canceled sunbathing, which can be taken in good weather.And it is usually warm, when spring comes nepozdno.The water temperature in mid-June reached the mark of 21 ° C, and with the establishment of hot days in June, is heated to 23 ° C.Families therefore prefer to relax with their children on the beaches of the city since mid-summer.Seawater August become very warm.Its temperature is raised to 25 ° C.

Sochi during the peak season

Hot weather in the first days of autumn gives way to pleasant warm.This period, called the velvet season, much loved by tourists.In Sochi, as a rule, it lasts until the end of September, sometimes even including the first two weeks of next month.At this time, the water temperature reaches 22-23 ° C.It is impossible to know whether it is possible to swim in October in Sochi.The climate is not always possible to do this.At this time, it all depends on the vagaries of the weather, which can be "good news" of tourists storms and prolonged rain balamutyaschimi sea.

most favorable period for sightseeing

Many different sites located in the territory of Sochi.Among them are represented as man-made or natural origin.Fascinating trip can only benefit the good weather.Excursions therefore advised to plan for the period from end of April to the first half of June, and from September to early October.

time ski season

On "Krasnaya Polyana" ski season lasts from early December to late April.But the date can sometimes move to earlier or later date.Opening it, for example, I had one day on November 21 - the date marking the Day of the city of Sochi and the closing took place before May 9th.After the Olympic Games were held in 2014, it is planned that it will be possible to ride longer due to snowmaking systems runs.The resort has time to relax during the season about 30 thousand people on average.The climate in Sochi reviews from tourists is always a positive.

wellness season

As already mentioned, this city is a wellness and spa resort in Russia: hydrogen sulfide healing waters of Matsesta, narzan source located in the river valley Chvizhepse, yodobromistye water district Kudepsta, silt mud, located in the Imereti lowland, along with healingmethods, as well as 200 recreational facilities in Sochi, where the climate is very favorable, attract many thousands of visitors from near and far abroad throughout the year.However, at different times of the year its appeal varies.Doctors say that the best treatments for the climate of Sochi is in the spring and autumn-winter periods.

time festivals and celebrations

This town can rightly be considered the cultural center of our country.People come here throughout the year entertainers, ballet companies, and show business stars with concert programs.And it is no coincidence, because Sochi has many of the best concert halls, such as "Winter Theater", "Festival", "The Hall of Organ and Chamber Music" room, located in the hotel "Pearl", and others.In October the annual festival of events called "Velvet Seasons in Sochi", and in January, in the middle of the month - "Kivin" lasting two weeks.In late May, beer lovers can get to the festival under the name "Sea of ​​Beer in Sochi".And the aforementioned "Kinotavr" takes place every year in June.In August you can be on the "SochiBotShou" - the international festival of the sea.

climate in Sochi Sochi

climate is truly unique, because the city belongs to the most northern subtropics in the world, dominated by the sea humid climate, which is adjacent to the region of the Caucasus Mountains with the mountain style.In the city of wet and hot summers, mild winters and damp.All this testifies to the fact that the climate in Sochi is subtropical.Temperatures in the lowlands average is about 14 ° C, and at the level of more than a thousand meters above sea level, its rate of 4 ° C.As Sochi has a greater extent, from area to area weather conditions vary.Adler just cooler, sunnier - the central part of the city, and the warmest - in Khost.

Sochi in spring

Spring in the City - one of the best of times, but it applies to its second half.We describe the climate of Sochi by month in the spring.March and April are usually rainy, although quite warm.Precipitation rarely falls in May, the sun is shining brightly.Time active flowering - May.Sochi is also the national park of the same name, so you can imagine what this time there is beauty.

One only yew-tree grove is worth something!Beach season opens at the end of the month, but the water is still cold this time.

Sochi in the summer

noticeable warming meets us early summer.The sun shines bright on the beach increases considerably the number of people.The climate of Sochi in the summer months next.For bathing water becomes very comfortable only in the last days of June.Reduced rainfall, but they are not completely eliminated.Because of cyclones and storms are possible.In June, the cold evening, so it should be kept in a suitcase kind of thing.In the next two months in the city the weather gets very hot, often the air temperature reaches 30 ° C, and sometimes more.There is increased humidity, which exacerbate short-term sudden downpours.Bring a pleasant cool evenings when southeasterly winds begin to blow.The Black Sea is warming as much as possible by August.

Autumn in Sochi

"What is the climate in Sochi in the fall?"- You ask.Respondent.The beginning of this season promises sunny warm weather.Beach vacation entirely devoted to September, sometimes a few days of October.All is clearly felt in October breath of autumn: frequent rainfall, become cold night.The following month, often begin blowing winds, clouds cover the sun, the street is better not to appear without an umbrella.

Winter in Sochi

climate in Sochi in winter is fairly mild.Here primarily affects proximity to the sea.In addition, the city is protected by high mountain ranges of the cold air masses.During the season the temperature (daily average) is about 11 ° C, much colder at night.For Sochi snow (except for mountainous areas) is the exception rather than the rule.But quite often it rains in winter and on roads sleet is formed when a little freezes.

Interesting facts about Sochi

This city is located on the latitude and Toronto Nice.

There is a summer residence of the president of our country, so Sochi informally called "summer capital" of our state.

The mountains that are part of the Caucasus mountain range, up to 2000 meters around the city.Elbrus (altitude 5642 meters) - the highest mountain in Europe.This array Caucasus higher than Mont Blanc (whose height is 4810 meters).

Many famous athletes of our country were born in Sochi, for example, Yevgeny Kafelnikov, the Olympic champion, and Maria Sharapova, tennis star of world level.

pride of the city are its beaches, the length of which is 147 kilometers.They are not inferior to the Mediterranean, forming one of the longest coastlines in Europe.

More than 200 thousand hectares occupies the territory of Sochi forest.Over the past 30 years in the Krasnaya Polyana area of ​​forest plantations even increased to 95% from 75%.

Mountain include more than 90% of the city area which includes fully in the national park.