How to choose a trainer for weight loss?

be overweight - means all the time, every minute wear a lot more than your body needs.Many people complain about the worsening of sleep after a certain critical weight of the cross line.The efficiency drops dramatically, the need for sleep increases by a few hours.You do not mind the time and effort?And now we are looking for ways to lose weight.Advertising boards of many.But what a trainer for weight loss work?

Is not that impossible?

Strictly speaking, the technical means to get rid of fat are optional.You can walk and run without buying home fitness equipment for weight loss.To eat less, do not need contraptions.Well, except that lock with a timer that can be hung on the refrigerator to prevent "night dozhora."In general, lose weight only when the energy balance shifts to the minus side.

Do not believe the myths!

Home Gyms for the press will not make your stomach flat, as you would have liked to believe it.The body itself decides where to get fat.And usually the problem areas lose weight last.But if you have only 2-3 kilos, it makes sense to download the press - to improve posture, prepare your stomach to the appearance of the beautiful terrain (cubes are unlikely to appear, but the longitudinal strip may very well).In addition, strong abdominal muscles well protect your internal organs.

best method of weight loss

ideal trainer for weight loss - a treadmill.And it is not mechanical, and electrical to the regulation speed.In this case, you will be able to know exactly how fast you were going or fled, and the total distance.The path is convenient because you do not depend on the weather, the length of daylight and can secure a workout when you feel comfortable.You can even arrange a interval training and prepare professionally for the competition.Not all treadmills are huge, there are quite compact versions.Home Gyms for weight loss always made a little less than the fitness rooms.

If space really bad

also makes sense to buy a bike, or ellipsoid.If the seats in the house is very small, the great help simulator, called the Air Climber.Even he would be better than an excuse (not the weather, nature, time of day).Although not enough to buy a trainer for weight loss, you also need to deal with it at least one hour (though you must simultaneously organize themselves calorie malnutrition as 500).

Ladder harmony

There is another option - stepper simulating climbing stairs.Usually it is quite expensive, but if you buy a professional, you will be able to arrange themselves alternately aerobic exercise and strength training for the legs.So in this sense, the investments are justified.If you rely on the heels of this simulator (like climbing sideways) can increasingly use the gluteal muscles.Just go to this gradually, and you can drop the habit.Do not do this exercise if you feel hungry and dizziness.By the way, the pool can not go hungry - a faint light is fraught with tragedy, if you do not notice how you lose consciousness.And remember: the perfect trainer for weight loss - is the one who is not gathering dust around.