The worst types of men for relationships

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When it comes to a serious relationship we girls become very picky in choosing the right guy.After all, the relationship - it is very important to us and want to see who will be there (I want to believe that it is always) should be truly worthy of man.Undoubtedly, this is a difficult task.But we have to simplify it a bit, telling about those types of men, from whom better to stay away.

1. coward.

Men of this type - it is not even a man and a frightened little boys, still too immature for a serious relationship.And so you can be 30 and 40, it is not aged, and psychological problems.And even with him insanely fun and you can waste time chattering all night long, and sex - well, just a dream, be careful - he can not love.

2. Flirtoman.

This guy does not know how to talk to a woman without "tackle".He constantly flirts, changing tactics depending on what the bite or that the "victim".He, no doubt, can be compelling - but rather short-term interests.

3. Kutila.

That this is not exactly boring.He endless check-ins in various, but always like this place, new pictures and new adventures.On Friday night, he goes on the hunt for impressions.The problem is that his constant thirst for the new will not keep it for long near you, so you better do not waste your time on him.

4. Narcissus.

Here, even without comment.If you sometimes wonders who he loves, or you yourself - so why do you need this?

5. King drama.

Terribly jealous and hyper sensitive, it will suit you thrashing even 5 minutes late for a date.He has obvious problems with humor and too hypertrophied reaction to the simple life situations.

6. faithful servant.

He falls asleep you gifts and compliments, passionate declarations of love and heroic manifestations ... But all this eventually leads to an imbalance in the relationship, and you feel like a bitch, because you are all tired of the order.

7. Missed a bummer.

He sits at home and says, how could conquer the world, if I wanted to.And in fact he regularly submits a new stack of chips and cookies in the kitchen captures.

8. dictator, usurper.

He needs to control you and out, know about your every step and nothing can be done without his consent.At first, he still holds the bounds of decency, and you kind of attention, even flattered, but God forbid you stay near this guy for a long time!

9. Smarty.

First you attracted his erudition and intellect, but then it just starts to get sick of this endless tediousness.It is a terribly correct and some mixture of the pope and the teacher at school.Not the most pleasant cocktail.

10. Snob.

The candy buketny period, he will tell you that everything is garbage and you're a diamond in the crowd.And it's definitely going to be flattering.But then he compares with the crowd and you will be sure that the only diamond in the world - is himself.

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