As laminating hair at home quickly and easily?

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This procedure as lamination, is very popular with the ladies.After all, it not only makes hair more beautiful and pleasant to the touch, but also a positive effect on its structure, providing protection from the effects of external factors.Lamination is carried out by experts at the beauty salon.It uses natural biologically active agents that cover every hair a special film that is resistant to the negative effects.The procedure in the cabin itself is quite expensive.However, it is quite possible to implement and at home.The cost of the components that are needed for this, is negligible, but the benefits are really noticeable.So how laminating hair at home?


most effective way to strengthen the hair, thus making it more attractive is the use of the ordinary gelatin.This substance, rich in vitamins and trace elements, envelops the hair and makes them less vulnerable.Lamination is recommended for all women and girls.This applies especially to those ladies whose hair is weakened after frequent use of hair dryer and curling iron, soured after coloring or lightening.If you have a strong and healthy hair, the prevention and activation of growth you can also use this procedure.

As laminate hair at home: preparing the composition

order to strengthen their own hair, you will need:

  • hair conditioner or air-conditioning;
  • dry gelatin;
  • warm water;
  • cap for the hair;
  • hairdryer.

So, if you're done, you can proceed.In order to laminate the hair, we first prepare a mixture of miraculous.To do this, take a small container (bowl) and it dilute one tablespoon of dry gelatin with water (about three to four tablespoons).The components are mixed and the mixture is allowed as long as it is not a good swell.Then add to it a small amount of conditioner and heats the composition of a water bath.

As laminate hair at home: a description of the process

to clean hair, pre-washed and dried, causes gelatin mask.Try to avoid getting on the scalp, or may start slight irritation, because the components that make up have a tightening effect.After applying the mask on hair covered his head with a plastic cap and a towel.Then, armed with a hair dryer, dry the hair straight across the cloth for about 15 minutes.For the next half hour the mixture is allowed on the head, and then wash off.Repeat this activity should be weekly.Laminating hair at home can be much faster if you have limited time.For this fully dissolved in water gelatine (the mixture heated on a water bath) was mixed with a shampoo.My hair, as usual, but keep the structure on the head about five to seven minutes.

Well, now you know how to laminate your hair at home.This procedure is very simple, but at the same time and is useful.Repeat it several times a month, you will be able to provide protection for your curls and make them soft and pleasant to the touch.