What is dribbling?

What is dribbling?This concept exists in many sports with a ball or puck.Dribbling - is a skilful set of actions performed by the attacking player that seeks to advance past the defender, not allowing him to take possession of the ball or puck.The term is derived from the English word «dribble», which means "to drive the ball."

What is the dribble?

What is dribbling?Its essence is to perform unexpected technical mastery of maneuver, allowing the opponent to beat, mislead him or holding at a loss about its trajectory.With the help of deceptive movements at speed or decelerating, shifting sideways or doing the rotation around its own axis, striker overcomes protection and achieves its purpose.

Dribbling on the football field

What is dribbling?It's always a spectacular and beautiful.This is one of those elements that lead the audience in raptures.This is especially true in the world's most popular sport - football.What is dribbling in football?Around the world, he had full stadium of spectators w

anting to see the beautiful game and the skill of the performers.Good dribbling and then scoring chances that could be more beautiful?These things sometimes make the stadium a jump up in weight adrenaline ecstasy.And even if this time the goal has not turned out, the audience still thank your pet for Bold and the Beautiful attempt.After all these emotions, it comes to the stadium.

Many of the greatest football players had their own individual style of dribbling and Stroke movements.There was no equal in the legendary Pele, I loved to pass the ball through the entire field bold and assertive Maradona stunning technique and football intelligence showed Zidane.

Many other players also remember the audience dribbling skills and personality.More than others, probably, in the famous South American athletes whose individual skill and technique have always been the trump card.Football players from Brazil and Argentina have always shown a beautiful technicality game with elements of the show.Perhaps that is why they have always been in demand in the strongest European clubs.

Dribbling basketball

In this sport, too, there is a considerable part of the show and the emotional component, but dribbling here is more functional in nature than the spontaneous elements in football.The fact that the basketball goal is being handed.Technology is a fundamental reference.The athlete should perfectly control the ball, in response to any changes in the trajectory.Doing basketball carried out with a constant tapping it on the floor.Basketball player controls the ball his fingertips.Execution of dribbling in basketball involves various combinations of body movements, turns, deceptive movement.The ball turns "nastukivaetsya" on opposite sides of the body, between the legs, behind his back.Constantly changing its trajectory.The purpose of dribbling the same: to confuse the enemy and break under the ring.

When the real master dribbling, then the ball can keep track only on slow motion.Among the stars of the NBA the most well-known artists and amateurs dribbling were Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Magic Johnson, Tony Parker and many others.

Simulator for dribbling

another sport in which the dribbling plays an important role - it's hockey.Here, as you know, is also a great space for its application.The game takes place at high speeds on the ice, the puck controlled by the club.Highly technical players can work wonders on the tip of the stick, balancing on the ice at high speed.When players use special training simulators for dribbling.They are covering "synthetic ice", a synthetic washer, special chips and other necessary items.The essence of the simulator - in imitation of a small portion of the ice with special features for the training of dribbling the puck.This simulator allows training hockey player even at home, improving technique and dribbling honing his unique style.