LeBron James (LeBron James): biography, records and personal life basketball player (photo)

in Ohio (USA), in the small town of Akron, December 30, 1984 was born the future great basketball player LeBron James.It is worth noting that at the time his mother was only 17 years old.She had to raise her son alone.

Children and youth

Mother and son often moved from place to place, which is why James since childhood was quite difficult to make new friends and learn.Even during his school years, he was the football coach Frank Walker.After some time, he found the team a few like-minded people who also loved basketball.Together they have created a team, which soon became one of the really list of the best in the state.James has always been a versatile player, and it was obvious even in the eighth grade.At the same time the team reached the final of the championship in his age group.Needless to say, it was not without a captain?Especially because LeBron James, the growth of which at that time was already 185 cm, was clearly head and shoulders above all, not only the physical data, but also on the level of skill.In the words of the coach, he had something like a sixth sense.On the media side a young man has been closely monitored and there is nothing surprising in the fact that he predicted success in the NBA.

Go to School "St. Vincent - St. Mary»

would like to mention the period when LeBron with his buddies from the basketball team continued its way to the top of Mount Olympus basketball.Cronies together decided to go to school, "St. Vincent - St. Mary's," after which she first became a state champion.The team spent twenty-seven games.The victory was won in all of them.It should also be noted that LeBron James was the leader in almost all indicators.

Despite the fact that basketball remained the main and the main occupation of LeBron, he continued to perform and for the football team.Yet the glory of the great basketball star spread pretty quickly, and soon school games are translated into large arenas.LeBron was in the focus of attention of scouts from the National Basketball Association.

numbered with great

shortly after the phenomenal victory in the championship of the state of the popularity of basketball has become a phenomenal, it is referred to a number of stars such as Kobe Bryant, Cuomo Brown, Eddie Carr.

same summer LeBron did not bask in the glory and rest up on the beach, and actively promoted through the ranks, training in sports camps, thereby increasing their level.It is worth noting that the best thing he showed himself in the famous Camp Adidas ABCD, which had already introduced the world stars such as T-Mac and Kobe Bryant.

After ESPN reporters one by one, began to compare with the style of the game LeBron Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, a talented basketball player was invited to training by Jordan.At the same time, it has been concluded quite successful advertising contracts with Nike and Adidas, after which the world saw the sneakers, "LeBron James."Thanks to this young basketball player who has not played a single official game in the NBA because of their age, on some advertising contracts could earn their first million.And just because the NBA, there are age restrictions, LeBron was waiting in the wings is not less than the entire association.We had a little patience, but in the meantime his popularity grew.

LeBron James, whose photos have graced posters and magazines, has become the new idol for fans of basketball.Against the background of this sudden fame, which has fallen so sharply on the young athlete LeBron decided to relax a bit and go back to football.It is worth noting that he had great success, and in this field, and some influential people even assured that he would be able to participate in the NFL.

best basketball

In the third season games for the school, "St. Vincent - St. Mary 'result was slightly worse than the previous two: Despite a phenomenal play LeBron in the finals, the team was not able to gain the upper hand, and to confirm their championship title.But in fact, the main thing in this moment was that look at the game NBA star LeBron came - Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, who saw that James noted again the best in several prestigious nominations.

began his career in the NBA

Upon reaching the age of seventeen basketball player LeBron James, who had at that time was a celebrity, was invited to the pre-training in 2002-2003.head coach John Lucas - mentor "Cleveland Cavaliers".It is worth noting that even a decent penalty from the association of one hundred fifty thousand dollars and suspension for two games due to age restrictions have not been able to stop the coach.Even after Lucas saw the famous slam dunk LeBron James, the basketball genius became the star of the team.Soon after he was elected to the first team of the NBA, which was only the second case in history when a player has taken immediately after school.

While LeBron's reputation was strengthened.For his birthday he came to congratulate Allen Iverson, who at that time was already quite famous NBA player.The first season James was just phenomenal, he surprised even the fiercest critics.LeBron pretty quickly started his professional career.Already in the first game, he was able to score twenty-five points (for comparison: the result of the same Kobe Bryant was two and a half times lower).Many thought that LeBron will need to adapt to the team, but after the first game was perfectly clear that he is an absolute leader.

Meanwhile, the army of fans of the great athlete and the club is getting bigger and it's not only because of the incredible game leader, but also the output of the club to the final of the NBA.It is worth noting that after the "Cleveland Cavaliers" every year on the basis of Basketball Association enters the top ten teams.

PR firm LeBron

Needless to say that the basketball player at the time was a crazy popularity, fueled by not only the LeBron, but a large number of his supporters and fans.

A director Christopher Bellman in 2008 made a documentary about LeBron James - "More Than a Game," which tells about the life of an athlete and his four teammates.The tape shows all the way from school years to the peak of glory in the NBA.It is full of scenes based on real events, and stories of those directly involved.

Go to the "Miami Heat»

eighth day of July, 2010 in a live one of the news television LeBron James said of the award and the transition team, "Miami Heat", which in fact was seen fans as treason and led to mass protests fanswho organized a flashmob of mass burning of T-shirts with the famous twenty-third number.Basketball player trying to reason with people saying that this transition was caused solely by a desire to take the NBA championship.


LeBron James and his wife, whose name Savannah Brinson, knew each other from school.Officially, they were engaged in 2011.At this point, a happy married couple has two sons - Bryce and LeBron Bush.Wedding ceremony took place in the city of San Diego, in the chapel of the hotel under the name «GrandDelMar».

victorious decision

It should be noted that the transition to the "Miami Heat" LeBron James was able to fulfill his plan and reach your goals.In the 2011-2012 season, the first time in his career LeBron became the champion of the NBA.After its phenomenal success and recognition as the best player of the finals, he was included in the US team in basketball, which is called «Dreamteam».The national team, by the way, at the Olympic Games for the second time won the gold medal in the finals by defeating the Spaniards.


LeBron became the second player who could one season win gold at the Olympics in London in 2012, to obtain the title of most valuable player and the most valuable player of the finals and, of course, to win the NBA championship.Prior to that, such unimaginable career peaks reach only the legendary Michael Jordan.Needless to say that by the end of 2012, a young athlete took absolutely all the rewards that only you can!

LeBron James, whose biography is full of bright moments, was one of the young players in the world, which is able to overcome the barrier of twenty thousand points.Seventeenth remarkable event occurred in January 2013.He became the thirty eight players who could all step over the mark.In front of him was able to put a record and Kobe Bryant, who won it in dvadtsatidevyatiletnem age.

Regarding the records of James, the list really could go on for a long time, since it is one of the most impressive.This is due solely to a phenomenal game of basketball.Even today he is the owner of a huge number of records that have not yet been beaten, not counting his personal achievement that he shows literally every season (meaning rebounds, steals, points, etc.).

Efficiency basketball against average is about seventy-eight percent.This allows him to attack the ring with any position, whether covered his lawyer from his team or LeBron attacked on their own.


LeBronomaniya gradually engulfed not only America but the entire world today.Movies, TV shows, interviews - all in addition to a phenomenal game and non-standard basketball person gave him the aura of a superstar.

LeBron James, whose photo adorned the large number of various magazines, newspapers, posters, and other things, was the real star, and, incidentally, a good role model.This is due to the fact that in my entire life at the super athlete had no problems with the authorities, the police, the drug.He was not a hero various incriminating stories.If we take into account the fact that other basketball stars of this level have a large number of scandals and high-profile divorces dark story, James compared to them an angel.

After pictures smiling schoolboy began to appear on the covers of magazines the most promising, in just a few years, he began to earn millions.James is one of the major newsmakers in the United States.Such hysteria basketball sometimes seems carefully planned.

It should be noted that those experts who predict an unknown student, eventually had won.However, confidence can not say with certainty what more can boast LeBron - talent that gave him over, or high-quality public relations company and a commercial component.Still, the fact remains - as it may be, have correspondence player LeBron ranked as the world stars of basketball, which in itself is a qualitative indication of his ceaseless work in the sports field.