Bay of money at stake: what is it and what that means.

on various forums, message boards or social networks today we can see a lot of posts on the so-called bays of money on credit cards.Such publications may look something like this: "By implementing Bay on the map, ext. Work required serious people, help pay off debts and credits", etc.Often these ads promise rather large rewards for the performance, seemingly simple actions.Many people may be interested in such a proposal, and only a few at the same time remember that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

So what's the catch?What is a bay on the map?Reviews of such transactions are presented below, but the issue requires more serious consideration.What

Gulf money?

term "Gulf" is a slang expression for the most part distributed on the World Wide Web.The essence of it is that some persons suggest a person to fill his bank account or to make a map of the bay to the Savings Bank for a certain amount of money, and considerable.Often these operations appear hundreds of thousands of rubles.Next, the person who received the bay should cash out the money and send them up the account, leaving himself prearranged percentage of the total amount.Remuneration big enough - 20-50%!Agree, the money is not lying on the road, especially if you are offered to fill in a few hundred thousand.It is worth noting that such tricks often come across the very people who have financial problems, whether it is debt or loans, which urgently need to repay.

And here the question arises whether to communicate and receive money at stake Gulf, belong to you?After the catch as time lies in the origin of the money: they are simply derived from criminal activity or even stolen.

Where does the money

Today wielded countless different scams that one way or another trying to seize other people's money.However, most often trick users themselves take their money scams under the pretext of buying something or invest in profitable projects in which the offer to update your account by credit card.These projects are just like the MMM financial pyramid Sergei Mavrodi.Users can also lose control over their electronic purses - the mass of options.In most cases, online fraud is no litigation occurs, and deceivers are not required to withdraw money with the help of some special schemes and the use of this service by unauthorized persons.

But some criminals operate on a grand scale and rob banks, one or another way to access their database.Since all the movement of funds in the banking system are fixed, these criminals have to use different schemes of money laundering.In this case, it does not lead to them, and to those people who receive money - and they are responsible, and the real criminals go unpunished.

scheme Bay

In reality, these frauds are carried out as follows:

  • To start criminals are trying to find the person through whom they could cash out dirty money.This can be done a mass mailing of letters to electronic boxes, often in various forums and message boards left a message, for example, wrote that the urgent need to map the Gulf and the like.For contact information is usually indicated email address.
  • Once the interested person makes contact with the scammers, he explain the main points negotiated over the amount that will need to return, often referring to the origin of the money.
  • The man asking the card number, if it is not, offer to issue new bank for personal use.The higher the level of the card, the greater the amount you can fill it.
  • After some time the card receives funds.
  • man goes to the ATM or bank branch and cashes the money.From that moment he becomes an accomplice of criminals.
  • As agreed, the person who received the Gulf, sends a certain part of the money on those details, and the rest takes himself.

possible consequences of participation in the Gulf

man caught attackers assistance in cashing and laundering money obtained by criminal means, thus becomes their accomplice.And no matter how much he brought them back, and if at all.If any hackers removed the money from the accounts of others, the security service of the bank will be able to easily communicate with the cardholder who agreed to the bay.Search final recipients is unlikely to give any results.In this case, it is not difficult to guess who will be the scapegoat and will be responsible for everything.

to get involved in such cases, you can get a very real prison.In the future, it may be that the laundered money was used to buy drugs, weapons or a terrorist act, so it's worth the extra time to think whether you need a bay on the map.

How to protect yourself

Before looking for easy ways to make money, you should weigh the pros and cons.Do not trust the words of the first comer, and listen to what they write on the forums about the bay on the map.Reviews can be simply unreal, so you can not rely on them.Also do not forget the main rule - free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

If you still received the money at stake, the bay in any case can not be cashed.Immediately necessary to go to the bank and tell that received funds to the card, the origin of which the owner has no idea.Let them understand what's what.And best of all, and do not communicate with people offering bays on the map.

banal fraud

In fact, in most cases, things are much easier - no bays may not happen as speculators themselves hunting for other people's money, and do not send their money to all and sundry.As is known, where only fraudulent schemes are not used, and it is not surprising that the most successful crooks seek in those areas in which you can play on the greed of people lose their heads in pursuit of easy money.Announcements such as "Bay on the map, "are just the bait for these people.

ignorance and incompetence of potential victims also plays into the hands of attackers.To some extent the Internet is a treasure trove for the speculators, because here it is possible to carry out any idea, on which only your imagination.There crooks treating future victims, can refer to any warranties or comments from other satisfied users allegedly receiving bay on the map.These reviews are often fictitious, and left the name of non-existent people.You should not believe everything you read on the Internet.

Below a look at some common examples of fraud associated with bank cards.

Divorce prepayment

Most often under the guise of Gulf map scammers trying to take over other people's money.For this man promise to make the Gulf, but say they need insurance, offer a certain guarantor, allegedly a reliable intermediary in such transactions.The bottom line is that you want to make a specific contribution to update your account by credit card, this can be used by a guarantor, you can trust.The history of the bay ends as soon as the scammers get the premium.For such fraud may come as bank cards and all kinds of electronic payment systems.

Wallet on a string

This is a classic scheme of divorce for money, which is often used by fraudsters in the dashing 90-ies.Today scammers have adapted it to the realities of our time and quite successfully used on the Internet.

No advance payment is not necessary to make and scammers really transfer money, for example, make the bay on a map of the Savings Bank.By prior arrangement, the person sends the funds zalivshemu then appears as if the owner of the money and calls for their return, thus threatening to call the police, and the like.For many people it is valid, and they are, to avoid problems, compensate for the so-called owner allegedly stolen his money.Only then comes the understanding that he was in cahoots with zalivschikami.


no secret that fraudsters invented an infinite number of different ways in which they try to take over the money naive and gullible people.What else can you learn by studying people's comments about Bay on the map?Comments left by them, tell of many cases where fraudsters managed to gain access directly to the bank cards of people.Attackers elicit both PIN and CVV codes maps and other information that helps them inattentive to rob people.

We can only repeat that in the search for easy money can only afford to amass even more problems and lost the last available means.This is particularly true in relation to social networks.Learn more information and most importantly - use your brain.The only way to protect themselves from attacks by malicious users.