How to write a business plan

starting a business always requires preparation and without planning is not enough.And the main planning tool is a business plan.Of course, the ideal option - to turn to professionals.They know exactly how to write a business plan.But finances do not always allow this.Therefore, those who dare to open their own business without the help of professionals often wonder: "How to write a business plan?" After all, if you make it bad, it will complicate the possibility of normal operation of the company and can become an obstacle for attracting investors and forloan.

Within a single article is very difficult to thoroughly reveal the question of how to write a business plan.So we focus on the most important - its structure and content.

Cover Sheet. It prescribes basic: company name, address of its registration, telephone numbers, the overall structure.

Industry Analysis. For greater clarity, we consider this point from the perspective of a question: "How to write a business plan for a cafe?" To begin with, it is important to analyze the characteristics of supply and demand, to understand specific market trends and predict the likely path of its development.It is also necessary to identify competitors who may be at karaoke bars and small coffee shops and well-known franchise network.To compile a list of potential competitors, it should pay attention not only on the similarity ranges, but also on the geographical location of the facilities, as well as their pricing.

Recruitment.Before to seek staff need to clearly define the management structure of the firm and prescribe the duties of each of the future employees.

Finance. costs, revenues, penalties, costs, production costs and other measures prescribed in this section.You simply and clearly list all cash transactions.This approach is seriously and paint every penny.Do not forget to uncover the mechanisms of return on investment and payback period to talk about.

production .Talking about how to prepare a business plan, not to mention the procedures required the company to provide the service or production.This section should in every detail to paint the production process and provide information about suppliers, equipment, about the size and type of use of premises.

Marketing. It's all to do with the promotion of goods (services), its advertising and the expected results from it.

Introduction. Many wonder why this point is at the end.In fact, it should be the second, immediately after the title page, but you only need to fill it after the business plan is fully compiled.Describe briefly your entire business.It will be advisable to write about what the company will do, reveal the idea, tell us about the mechanisms of distribution and the expected profit, as well as profitability and return on investment.

I hope my article will answer the question: "How to write a business plan?ยป

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