How to draw eyebrows properly?

As you know, eyebrows, "do" person.This truth many years ago, said Coco Chanel, and it is impossible to disagree.Choosing the right shape of the eyebrows and a good make-up of their work wonders - can transform the entire face.Most women Slavic type of appearance blond eyebrows and need to emphasize and dyeing, so the fair sex need to know how to draw eyebrows correctly.

Unfortunately, the streets of our cities there's a lot of women with brovyami- "threads of" painted a grease pencil on top of plucked hairs from the skin, and women who have and do not bother to care for the eyebrows - thick as a finger or fused eyebrowsIt is also not uncommon.Of course, all of this - the extreme.Today, in a fashion natural and orderly.Give shape your eyebrows with tweezers or a trimmer, slightly adjusting an existing bend, create a clearer path.Now you can begin to make-up - let's talk about how nice draw eyebrows.

makeup eyebrows today there is a whole arsenal of tools - a shadow, mascara, resistant paint and, of course, pencils.Color - not always black, now on sale brown and gray of varying intensity - pick up your vehicle tsvetotipu.The leader among the means for painting the eyebrows is a pencil, and therefore we will focus on how to draw an eyebrow pencil.

The main advantage of this make-up - he applied strokes, this technique is easy to learn and correct mistakes in the course of application.And those with eyebrows painted resistant paint, use a pencil to correct the form.

How to choose a pencil?

  • Buy eyebrow pencil is.
  • Select "his" pencil hardness - soft work easier, but it looks too tacky.
  • is very important to sharpening: soft pencil easy to sharpen, holding it in the freezer for half an hour, but you can choose from a mechanical retractable rod.
  • convenient option with a brush on the end.

Not all women know how to draw eyebrows right, so let's look at the most popular mistakes.

  1. not tweeze eyebrows completely or until too thin line.Drawn to the skin eyebrows look natural.
  2. Do not make solid lines in pencil.
  3. not increase the thickness of the eyebrow pencil, not dorisovyvat them and draw a thin line on the broad light eyebrows.Do not
  4. eyebrows too bright.Black pencil is not for everyone.The ideal color of eyebrows - a little lighter the color of your hair.

So, how to draw eyebrows?

  1. Give shape eyebrows with tweezers or a trimmer.
  2. Apply tonal basis before tinting eyebrows - gently apply it after nearly impossible.
  3. not Draw a line, and separate the hair strokes.
  4. zacheshite brush hairs down, paint over the roots, return to the starting position.
  5. If you want to adjust the shape of eyebrows, draw hair strokes in the direction of their natural growth.
  6. to makeup was natural, you can use two different shades of pencil - lighter touches make the entire length of the eyebrows, and darker lower draws the borders, too strokes.
  7. Comb eyebrows special brush.If desired, apply a drop of gel for eyebrows.

Voila!Expressive eyes ready to conquer the hearts!