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Hello, I'm with you again - Artem Koroteev, your assistant in the business world.Today is no ordinary paper, and a special publication to help novice employees.Specifically, we will examine all the benefits of working as a courier, and at such a low position to earn more $ 1000 per month.

So, as always, to begin to determine which courier job and what are different.The first type - is a courier delivery service.Wages relatively small - from fifteen to twenty-five thousand.Deliver need letters mainly city and its surroundings, sometimes sending online stores.The main difficulty is that due to the high turnover related to employees often superficial - and can shortchange salary and not give.The second type of workplace Courier - Courier is a personal online store or company, by the way, the highest paid.Business owners who hire their own people in their staff, usually appreciate them for their good work and get paid a lot of money, in this case from 200 to 500 rubles per trip, which is the month the person out of 30 000 - 40 000 rub.Disadvantages include seasonality - in the off-season there, so that virtually no orders, and if wage piecework - that it is almost there.The third kind of courier work - a Courier-seller.At the beginning of the working day courier item issued under the signature, which must be sold to any people by any means.The work requires a lot of stress and a desire to earn a lot of money, it turns out at 1-2% of the people, but it's worth it, because, if successful, the salary will be more than 50 000r.

In general, we are to understand what kind of work will have to do if you decide to become a courier.Now we analyze the specific situation and the key factors that affect career development and salary increase.Despite the fact that the charges are sometimes different, but the rules are essentially identical.

The first thing that every employee or candidate to remember - it's never late fault of their own, and it is better to never be late.Employees of the personnel department first of all pay attention on it.Tardiness is regarded as negligent performance of their duties, that person is not better than nothing serious charging.If systematic delay - then the case tube.

The second point I want to mention a tidy appearance.Messenger should be shaved, hair should be washed clothes clean and neispachkannaya, sweat and other odors should not smell.Let me give a personal example of life - in the service delivery of ANS there is a service rental Express courier on the day of and the principle of the company - always apply only to the best couriers.

The third item - a polite courier and certain exposure.This point is particularly important for the promotion of the career ladder, because the next step - is the position of manager and communication with customers.

In fourth place we have is the speed of the work, its quality and execution of additional orders for which will not be paid.At first, this item may be surprised, but in the long term it will give a very large return - if to win the head at work, you can achieve almost everything!

and fifth most important factor that few people pay attention - is to win over their immediate superiors and rub them in confidence.The main thing to know the measure, and that proslyv—Ďte not a very good person, and you either framed, or simply fired.

Well, my observation can be summed in one sentence: if you want to earn a lot - do not be late, be courteous, help supervisors and make them your friends!Agree - a simple recipe for success!