Career In Sap for trainees

forced me to go on a business trip in one of the cities in the south of Russia.The conversation with the taxi driver and he tells me that it is impossible in Russia alone get a good job and get enough money.I did not become to argue with him, but only tried to find those of my friends who have found work not independent.There were few.In general, we differ with the taxi driver experience.

still a student in college, I said to myself different professional direction.Read magazines, sometimes lazily I scored in the search box the description of a particular job.Life is easier but ordered immediately after the institute urgently needed to find a job and started to work where each suggested, namely 1C.I started with a very small salary, enough only for transportation.Gradually, over the six months, which he has mastered the functional and went to a new place, where salaries have had enough of travel and sem apartment.However, the institute's reading magazines was no more than I already knew about the ERP systems, SAP and about about the high level of earnings in the sector.During the half year, I gave my resume slowly and finally I was invited to the company as an intern SAP.Therefore, I believe that the taxi driver was not right and if you put your goals and go for them, sooner or later you go up to her.

However, my experience has been a trainee SAP seems to me unfortunate.I got on quite dead project where the increase of knowledge and experience has been very weak, unlike wages.And so, I began to get well, but the experience I was weak and he did not grow up.I fell into the trap when I do not I want to go to a pay cut, while sitting in a warm place and not developed.Now looking back, I think that even the dead have the opportunity to develop the project.Many pursue intensive projects, but intensive project, you can create yourself.

First, you must put yourself SSP.In any project there are business processes, and I am sure that you do not know all the details of all business processes.You know how the storekeeper receives product?as a department of the quality blocks products?or as an accountant gets an account on prepay?Always have something to learn, and there are always those who need help if you have knowledge.So first of all learn the business processes of their hierarchy and relationships between them.

Second, learn the business process of trying to put them into test systems.An excellent option would be to rent for little money access to the test system SAP IDES.For example, a good resource site provides access SAP IDES SAP will help you learn better.It is possible to try everything, to try to activate a particular setting, evaluate the performance of the system, to pass any course from SAP.In addition, access to the test system can be in your work.You can not miss such a possibility.

Third, put in their goals to pass the certification.Maybe the practical experience they will not do.But what a great help they have to organize your knowledge and organize your work.