How to become an astronaut?

How to become an astronaut?Question from childhood.Each was a period in my life when it came to mind it.But soon everything changed, we became doctors, salesmen, businessmen, anyone, but not astronauts.Held in such a profession, oh, how difficult it is.Of course, if you have an extra 25 million dollars, becoming an astronaut is not difficult - more precisely, a space tourist, but with good health, mind you.Yeah, why not come up with the rich ...

In fact, heroic astronaut profession, people who learn it - the real brave.It is only the pictures in the book and movie space travel look like something ordinary.In fact, when asked how to become an astronaut, is to say: it is almost impossible.Anyone who decides to such a venture, waiting for severe selection.

Currently in Russia there are only four centers that are engaged in the selection of astronauts.They are located in Moscow, Sverdlovsk, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.And before turning into one of them, think about whether you meet the requirements.One wishes to answer the question of how to become an astronaut, a little.

So, if you are a pilot of military aircraft (and acting), which has logged over 350 hours, and 160 parachute jumps, then you have a chance.But that's not all.Future astronauts - a man aged 27 to 30 years (see, this gap is negligible), having a growth of over 175 centimeters, and its weight must not exceed 75 kilograms.Of course, you need a passionate desire to downright huge.About impeccable reputation and say nothing.Mental poise, no criminal record, as well as any negative entries in the personal file - that the requirements relating to future astronauts.

center specialists at the stage of selection of personnel files and view the profiles left about 350 people from all interested persons to undergo medical examination.It is so severe that after the remains of more than 150 applicants.Then spend another medical examination with other doctors, suddenly someone very enterprising in the first case bribed or could hide any ailment.It now remains of about 100 people.They will go through all the "hell" of psychological testing.Will find out, for example, if a bidder will break if its locked indoors for five days.Of course - no communication with the outside world, and a man should not sleep a wink.

As a result, such "torture" (which they themselves, as they say, signed up) Not more than 8 applicants.They are entitled to it, to be trained at the training center.It is also called the Star City.This whole area, which is separated from the outside world by barbed wire.There are not only astronauts, but also their families, as well as the entire staff.

With regard to wages, which can count astronauts, officially, it is about 60 thousand rubles.But do not forget that after the first reaching orbit gradually people start getting all sorts of bonuses and allowances.The final amount is held in strict confidence.

And what you will learn, if you were as a student in Star City?Wear and wear a spacesuit to survive in weightlessness, in particular, and to use the toilet and eat food from a tube, and work on a huge mock space station.

How to become an astronaut, if you do not pass the most extreme stage of training?It is a rotation on a huge centrifuge designed to create the effect of accelerations that affect the human body at the time of the launch, or during the return to Earth.In orbit, the rocket goes in about 9 minutes.Thus for the moment it passes about 7 kilometers.The load on the human body is enormous, and as a result of one wrong move simply flatten.

Before you say, "I want to be an astronaut", remember that these people - a special caste, they braved the risk of doing their job.According to your shoulder?