Technological scheme Concepts

production process any type of product consists of a set of actions and operations, allowing to achieve the final result.It also takes into account the equipment used at the same time, flow lines, mechanized and manual labor, and vehicles.In order to rationalize the production process and create optimal operating conditions at the plant is a flow chart that allows you to visualize the entire sequence of product creation.

Basis of

technological scheme is included in the standard documentation of the enterprise (production schedules), which also includes production methods, technical terms and conditions of the processes, as well as their order of execution.Moreover, for a certain stage of the whole process can constitute a separate model.

This project is a drawing block all operations connected with each other by arrows, which express the movement of material flows.This may provide translational return movement, but in order to streamline work flow process engineers in the preparation of schemes are trying to avoid such moments.It is important to reflect the technological scheme of the development features of a particular product and the conditions of storage and disposal.

schemes for different processes may be prepared in the form of drawings with figures or letters equipment and operations themselves are expressed as geometric shapes (triangle, rectangle, circle, etc.).

Examples schemes

simple flow diagram can include the following operations:

  • organization entering the main raw materials and auxiliary materials from the warehouse or from suppliers, taking into consideration the loading and unloading work;
  • the initial processing of raw materials;
  • perform basic operations to produce basic components, parts or intermediate product availability;
  • assembly of parts and components or finishing of manufactured products;
  • packaging;
  • shipment of the finished product warehouse.

consider a specific case, for example, technological scheme of production of bread can be represented as follows:

  1. Preparation and storage of raw materials.
  2. Preparation of the test.
  3. processing and manufacturing of products from the test.
  4. Baking blanks.
  5. Cooling and putting into storage (packaging).

software charting

to chart production processes used by different programs.For example, a vector editor CADE, developed for Windows.There are various patterns also have the opportunity to fix the IP-address, the name and the serial number of the manufacturer.

Concept Draw Pro - a simple but very powerful program for making charts, graphs and diagrams by dragging and dropping ready-made symbols with your mouse.It allows you to create any model processes.

Diagram Designer - this utility, despite the outdated interface allows you to create a variety of model schemes easily.

At this point in any enterprise where production takes place, using the technological scheme.This is a mandatory standard document that allows you to set-up processes in a rational form.In drawing up the technical documentation including this scheme is optional.