How to dress for an interview to get a job?

you sent your resume to a potential employer call you and schedule an interview.Do you think that your work is?You are mistaken.Even a successful job interview can not guarantee that you get the position you are interested in, in fact ahead of training, familiarity with the team.But if the interview went well enough, you may not have more than a chance to prove himself.The interviewer, usually in the first three minutes decides not take you to work or not.You need to properly assess his behavior, otherwise the interview just takes time and you will be just a formality.If you were able to overcome the barrier and to interest a potential employer, you already have a chance.Therefore, it is important that your appearance was appropriate.Many are concerned about how to dress for an interview, to please the interviewer and get a chance to work?We will try to understand.

survey of leading HR professionals on how to dress for an interview potential employees showed that the most favorable impression of creating a business suit, neat, healthy appearance and modern diplomacy or briefcase.

A few simple tips on how to dress for an interview

Some of these tips may seem to sane people too corny, but we mention them anyway.If you are going to a meeting with a potential employer, put on his best suit.It must be a good pet.Pobespokoytes in advance that it was perfectly clean, it is best for the occasion to pass it to the dry cleaners.It is best to give preference to neutral is not flashy colors, but here all the concerns of the profession.If you are satisfied with the designer, designer, or other creative applying for a post, you can dress more creatively and bright.If you are satisfied to a post that is somehow connected with the fashion, show that you know about the latest fashion trends.Otherwise, choosing what to wear for an interview, it is better to dress modern, but not trendy.Try to look elegant at the meeting, but did not seem boring.Tagging is done in a neat little notebook.This will show the employer that you are serious about the interview and the job.When applying make-up, give preference to neutral, not too bright colors.Correct the complexion special foundation.It does not make for an interview too complicated hairstyles and abundant use styling products.Hair should be neatly stacked, clean.Also pay attention to your nails.It is best to make a modest neat manicure.Long nails and bright, especially overhead or Naroscheny may not be too well received by the employer.Do not forget the bright tights.They should be worn even in summer, since it is not necessary to go for an interview with bare feet.

How to dress a man?Do not choose too artsy tie and unsuitable accessories.Be sure to shave before the interview, even if you usually prefer light stubble.If you have long hair, it is necessary to pull them into a neat tail, however, it should be noted that men who have long hair, still regarded with some prejudice.It is necessary to remove all jewelry, including major chains and earrings.The maximum that is allowed in the interview, it's a wedding ring and a decent watch.And do not even think to wear to a job interview shorts or jeans.

also important to note that you should not use too "bright" spirits.An employer may not like strong smells or even be allergic to them.

Do not wear sunglasses on the neck and leave the headphones from the player.Better to remove all in the bag, as these accessories can spoil your appearance.

Now you know how to dress for an interview.It remains only to consider how you will answer the questions of the employer that it should tell you about myself and how to behave.Good luck to you!