Pilates exercise system - what is it?

healthy body - that's what the main thing now.Fit and strong muscles help to not only look good, but also to be healthy!This is great help to various classes, such as aerobics, fitness, yoga and Pilates.But many question arises: "Pilates - what is it?" Also, many are furious debate about its usefulness and necessity, there are many doubts, and yet there is one indisputable fact: Pilates - this is what will help you to always be beautiful and healthy.

Pilates: What is it?

So, in order to answer this question, it is necessary to know the history of this unique of its kind direction.Creator techniques in the early nineteenth century by Joseph Pilates began.He decided to combine the elements of wellness yoga and aerobics in a single system, which helps to effectively strengthen the back muscles, develop flexibility, abdominal muscles, and more.So Pilates - what is it?It is a system of exercises that are designed to develop and strengthen the deep muscles of the back muscles.The main thing is that the classes are held in a slow, quiet pace and it helps not only to relax but also to escape from the hustle and problems.

Myths and Facts

Pilates - what is it?On that score, there are many myths and facts.For example, one of the myths says that the system of Pilates - is the same as that of yoga.No no and one more time no.This is quite different directions, as a yoga designed and specializes in knowledge of the body and the soul.This is - the religion, the worship of the temple of the body.Pilates is the same - more down to earth kind of employment.Here the emphasis is on proper breathing and proper, gradual strengthening of the muscles.

Some say that Pilates may not be effective, as the best exercises for the muscles are cardio, squats and run at a fast pace.This is a false opinion.Pilates is much faster and more efficiently helps develop body flexibility, the press, bone density, flexibility of the spine and so on.But whether this system helps to lose weight?Unfortunately, the answer to this question in the negative.No, it contributes little to the process of burning fat.To do this you will approach cardio, not Pilates.For example, studies have documented that school hours only burn 170-250 calories, but it is too little for those who want to lose weight.But for people who want to gain muscle mass, this system will be the best!In addition, employment suitable for people with heart conditions and pregnant women.

Benefits of exercises in the Pilates

What Pilates exercises?It is a system that helps to develop the mobility of the spine, strengthen all his muscles, feel your body, align posture for a short period, to develop bone density, as well as get rid of back pain.Classes will be the best choice for those who spend a lot of time in a seated position, or at the computer.The gradual increase in load will help beginners get started and build your body.In addition, it will help in the slow but steady pace to develop all muscle groups without much effort.Shit - is patience, strength and confidence.Pilates system - it's your health, youth and beauty.