Protein: what is needed and what the body?

Few people think every day about what it is to eat and how to best build your diet.Unfortunately, nutrition often think only people with serious health problems.Everyone knows that in the diet should be protein.What is this stuff?

Uneasy properties

proteins (proteins) - a giant macromolecules of life, which may consist of a plurality of circuits.The smallest blocks from which to build these magnificent buildings - amino acids.The result is that the emergence of the rule, whole molecules become very complex properties can not be reduced to the properties of amino acids.Number of functions performed by proteins in the human body, is incalculable, though the group functions still isolated.

And if you make a mistake?

So protein?What it is and how it differs from one type of another?Different proteins the number and sequence of amino acids.And one small shift - and protein molecules can no longer fulfill their function.Sometimes the genetic code of an error creeps in, and encoding properties of the amino acids are replaced with the wrong - there are serious diseases like myasthenia gravis, or sickle cell anemia.Very important for the body protein.What is genetic disorders associated with its structure?This is inevitable and serious illness in the whole organism.

mechanism of catalysis

biological macromolecules of proteins is particularly important for humans because of their catalytic activity.Most processes in our body can not occur without this activity because they are unable to start the reaction spontaneously by energetic reasons.Why is protein?What is it seboy is in relation to the catalysis?You may seem more familiar concept, a synonym for "enzyme".It communicates with the components of the reaction active points, allowing the reaction to start, and then safely "let go" stuff.Thus, it facilitates the start of the reaction, but the it is not consumed, as well as any other catalyst.

base movement

very important structural function.Proteins nearly pure found in muscles.Meat, which eat a lot in order to obtain proteins - this animal muscle.Although the best proteins - is shredded (in a protein shake).Meat is also fairly well absorbed.The worst situation with this, soy products and legumes.There are a lot of protein, but remove it from the product is difficult for the body.

At the microscopic level

Proteins form the basis of cells, called the cytoskeleton, which gives form.Another important protein involved in the transport of most of the substances are not able to independently pass through the cell membrane.At the cell level is performed already mentioned catalytic activity.

Which proteins are best to eat?Traditionally considered important animals, but they may well be replaced with soy, if this plant was previously handled well enough.For example, soy protein shakes contain complete protein and digested better muscle meat.Why vegetable protein is better for your health?He is not associated with a lot of fat and helps produce cholesterol.