Gavrilo Principle and its role in World War I.

In Serbia, the man became a national hero.Principle Gavrilo left his mark in history as the man who killed the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the ex-Duke Ferdinand and his wife Sofia.These deaths marked the beginning of the First World War.In the biography of the principles and today there are a lot of white spots.

Childhood and adolescence Biography

future national hero of Serbia and there is little studied.Thanks researcher Tim Butcher world learned about some facts of childhood and adolescence of the Bosnian idealist.

was born in the village of Gavrilo Principle Oblyae July 25, 1894.The village is inhabited exclusively by Bosnian Serbs.The boy's father Petar was a paperboy.He married Mary, a poor girl from a neighboring village, the family settled in Oblyae in a studio house.The couple were born nine children, but survived only three boys.Gavrilo was average.

In childhood the child talents of reading and learning languages.In general, the principle of Gabriel was able and gifted child, he was drawn to knowledge, in spite of his peasant origins.

In 1907, his parents sent his son to study in the capital.In Sarajevo he was very lively.Swain stood out among their peers sharp mind.It is no wonder that he, along with his friends at the age of 13 years, has plans to liberate Bosnia from the Austro-Hungarian occupation.

At the end of 1911 Principle Gavrilo went to Serbia, which then visited periodically.Because of his ideas and mind young revolutionaries managed to rally around him young Bosnians who were willing to fight for their rights and liberation from Austria-Hungary.

organization "Young Bosnia"

In 1878, the Ottoman Empire at the Berlin Congress formally renounced the Balkan lands.But the long-awaited release was not followed.In its place came the Austro-Hungary.New colonizer began to plunder the rich Serbian lands and oppressing the local people.Habsburg Empire was trying to completely eradicate the South Slavic identity masking such action advent of "enlightened" West.This was expressed in the prohibition native language and literature, and education in general.

ideologist of the organization "Young Bosnia" was a writer and sings Vladimir Gachinovich.The organization was founded in 1912.Ceased to exist two years.By and large, the organization consisted of small groups of revolutionary-minded high school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Objectives of the secret society in each cell had its own.But all of them were united by the desire to break free from the control of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the unification of South Slavic peoples.Some revolutionaries dreamed of reunification under the auspices of the Serbian, the other dreamed of the union republics.But they all dream of a just society, enlightened about national identity.In general, the goals were all his.Many postulates a secret organization devoted entirely to education and literature.

political views Principle

principle Gavrilo was one of those high school students.Honest, courageous, enlightened, but not a chauvinist.He dreamed of overthrowing the Austro-Hungarian oppression.Inspired by the speeches and leaflets Gachinovicha, he and his colleagues, was confident that it has the right to kill for a good general purpose.

Gabriel was a radical revolutionary, identified himself with the Bosnian people.He was willing to give his life for his ideals.Together with his friends, he developed a plan to murder a prominent Austro-Hungarian guests.This act was to rouse the Bosnians and get to fight.By coincidence, the aim of the terrorists was the heir of Ferdinand, who was not the worst representative of his dynasty.The future emperor was a liberal, and even before the entry into its own cherished plans to reform the empire.

world before the First World

can not say that only the events and bloody history of 1914 was the main reason of the first world conflict.Europe has long teetered on the brink of war.Many European countries (and Russia in particular) had their territorial claims against the German and Austro-Hungarian Empire.Germany also dreamed of world domination and would like redraw the world map.

Murder of Ferdinand in 1914 was only the signal for the outbreak of hostilities.

Sarajevo assassination plan was developed as soon as the press reported the arrival of ex-Duke.

June 28, 1914, Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie arrived at the review exercise troops.He was invited by General Oscar Potiorek.The royal couple arrived in Sarajevo in the morning by train.In the early morning of the eleventh motorcade moved through the city streets.Nedeljko Chebrinovich, one of the six terrorists threw a bomb at a time when the car passed the police station.Fate decreed that the crown prince was still alive.Nedeljko tried to commit suicide, but that he could not do that, an angry mob beat him and handed over to the authorities.

terrorist principle meanwhile has decided not to force the issue and continued to remain on the square.Speaking at the Town Hall, Ferdinand decided to go to visit the wounded as a result of the assassination.Motorcade route was changed, but the driver of the car of former Duke were not warned about this.When Franz Urban, the driver of the royal car, learned about the change of the route, it began to slowly roll out the car.Then they spotted and principle.He ran to the car and fired several shots, wounding the ex-Duke and his wife.A few hours later they died.

principle of trying to poison vial of potassium cyanide, but this attempt failed.Shot himself also failed, the crowd of onlookers beat him and took away his revolver.

All six of the conspirators were arrested, three of them were sick with tuberculosis.Gavrilo Princip, died in prison in April 1918.

consequences of the assassination of Ferdinand

Thus, in 1914 and the events that took place on a summer morning in Sarajevo, served as a pretext for the outbreak of the First World War.A few weeks later the government of Austria-Hungary presented an ultimatum to Serbia, to which the Government of the State agreed.The exception was the point of bringing the Austrian representatives to investigate the assassination.Austria-Hungary has accused Serbia of concealing the facts of death of the heir to the throne and declared war.