Embossing is that?

Each of us in the wallet has a plastic card, if not the only one: credit cards, memory cards, and payroll discount, for discounts in the shops.Each of them is different from the other.They can be decorated with various emblems, iridescent embossed marks, inscriptions, composed of convex shiny symbols.

These cards look nice and solid, and all thanks to the use of embossing procedure.Those who have not heard the meaning of this term, will now be able to find out what the embossing and when it is used.

Embossing - it's ...

In the broad sense of the word by giving volume embossing understand drawings and inscriptions.This procedure can be realized by means of special devices - embossers which may have a different structure and operating principle, depending on the circumstances and the object for use.

Where can we see examples of the results of such action?For example, in scrapbooking embossing - a technique by which creates a voluminous text on business cards, invitations and other paper products.The needlework embossing often produced by stamping and extrusion.

This technique is present in the design of cars.In 2011, the beginning of the technology used by the application of volumetric figures and patterns on a glossy surface machines.This kind of styling is still not widespread in the world of cars.

But more often, the term "embossing" is meant squeezing bulk alphanumeric label on the front of the plastic bank cards.Examples you can easily find in your wallet, because now almost all credit cards are subjected to similar effect before the fall into the hands of the customer.

Embossing of plastic cards

as banking procedure embossing - is one method of card personalization.He has appeared in America in far 1920.It is not difficult to guess that at that time a special machine for embossing has not yet been invented, and the procedure is performed manually beaten out each digit individually using clich├ęs.

Now technological advances could greatly facilitate and accelerate the process, but still, when we order a personalized card in the bank, it is necessary to wait one or two weeks.This is due to the fact that the acquisition of the necessary equipment - rather costly exercise, and banking organization easier to order their card embossing from specialized organizations.In addition, for each new edition is made of plastic separate setting electro-mechanical devices embosirovaniya.

Modern technology does not yet allow "squeeze" on bank cards and other three-dimensional logos of organizations and other characters.Form embossing contains only letters and numbers of a certain size and standard angular font.Why do I need

embossed card?

What do you think, what is necessary to expose the card such changes?

Firstly, then they look more impressive that some bank customers plays an important role.Secondly, with embossing card can not be tampered with.In any case, even if someone has and will take up the case, the procedure for creating a fake would be very costly.Option fraud loss plastic material having embossing practically excluded.In addition, companies that issue these cards, there is an additional possibility of accounting.

Special machine for embossing

Embosser - a modern electro-mechanical device with which it is possible the application of a plastic card volume characters.A few years ago, such equipment has a very low capacity and could handle 10-20 cards per hour.Modern embosser - this versatile machine, which in addition to bulk printing can cover the symbols embossed on the card, foil, encode chip and magnetic strip, to produce monochrome or color thermal printing on plastic.

Now there are both manual and automatic embossers.The former have a lower cost, but require manual bookmarks cards and permanent control of the machine.Automatic embossers much easier to use: all you need - is to make the necessary data into the computer, and after some time the entire edition cards will be ready without any additional involvement.

In addition, the performance of these machines is up to a thousand pieces per hour.

Embossing in needlework

in needlework, and specifically in scrapbooking, embossing - is an interesting technique for creating volumetric inscriptions and patterns on paper.Maybe even yourself, with the help of available resources, to make such a procedure.Although much more convenient when used for this purpose a special machine for embossing and cutting.Very attractive and original look greeting cards, business cards, notebooks, decorated with large letters.