What is the cleaning of the registry Windows?

Windows- Registry is a kind of database that stores all the information about the operating system: the parameters of the hardware and software, the changes in the user account of the properties of files and folders.Its function - ensuring the normal functioning of the software and hardware components of the PC.From the correctness of the information contained in the registry entries, depends on the work the entire operating system, because it is constantly drawn here for the new data during operation and when loading or off.

hierarchical structure of the registry.In the main (root) partition to invest more than "small" sections: the parameters and keys.Whole root five sections, each of them is responsible for a certain area of ​​the operating system.Sam Register is stored in the system folder of Windows, but it can be edited using the built-in utility Regedit, and using special third party software.

question arises: "Why edit the registry entries?"As mentioned above, there is stored all the information about the system and the changes that have occurred in it.However, it often happens that, for example, uninstalling not all records of it removed, and thus over time the register accumulates unnecessary information pile.Consequently, because of the increased load Windows starts "brake".Therefore, the system needs periodic cleaning of the registry.

And it can be done one of two ways:

1. special program that a great multitude: and not very good, free and paid.The most popular and proven - CCleaner, RegCleaner, Auslogics Registry Cleaner, TuneUp Utilities.

But often after the program was carried out cleaning of the registry, the system starts to give unusual mistakes, some applications stop working.This is due to incorrect setup grooming.

2. His hands.

often happens that even a specialized program does not remove all the unnecessary records, accounts for her "erase", otherwise nothing.However, if you are a novice user and do not have any idea about the structure of the operating system, such self "registry cleaning" probably will cost you dearly.Sometimes, after a failed attempt to even have to reinstall Windows.

So, understand, how do you clean the registry Windows 7 / Vista / XP from the remnants of remote software components?Hit Win + R or "Start - Run", in line recruit fallen Regedit, hereinafter Enter.Before you clean the registry, make sure to back it up in case of unforeseen complications in the "File" is the item "Export" and save with the extension .reg.Now we can start editing and cleaning.Click on the "Computers", then go to the search menu by pressing Ctrl + F.In the resulting window enter the name of the program, the records to be deleted.All the results will be displayed in the window (usually a record of installed programs are stored in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software).You can begin to remove them.Manual cleaning of the registry is complete.Always remember that the effects produced in the Registry Editor, you can not undo.