The tour of your life (Proverbs)

once was lord and once went on a trip to Europe.Arriving in the United Kingdom, he bought at the airport is something like a guide to the locks, located on the island.There were specified days and times of visits, sometimes very limited.On one of the pages lord saw a special offer "tour of your life."

The photos were captured near the castle is not better or worse than others, but the lord wanted him to go ... The guidebook said that, for reasons which will be known later, for this tour did not take payment, but please coordinateday and hour of the visit.

Intrigued by the unusual offer, senor that night rang the hotel and agreed about everything.

Everything in the world develops according to certain laws.And at the door of his rather affably met a man in a plaid skirt.

- And the other visitors already logged in?

- The rest?A visit to the castle individual and guiding services we do not offer.

Not to mention nothing of the hours of work, he briefed the history of the lord of the castle, and made special mention of all the notable sights: the paintings on the walls, in the attic armor, military instruments in sulfur hall under the stairs, the catacombs and torture room in an underground prison.When finished, he handed the visitor a spoon and asked her to keep the concave portion to the top.

- And this is why?-pointeresovalsya one.

- We do not charge an entrance fee.And the cost of tours commend this: give each visitor a spoon, brim-filled with fine sand, it is placed exactly one hundred grams, and offer yourself to walk through the castle.When we weigh the sand left in the spoon and ask a visitor for every pound spilled grams ...

- And if I do not scatter a gram?

- Ah, then your visit to the castle is free.

Visitor surprised and amused by this condition.Hospitable host spoon filled it with sand, and the lord started his tour.Confident hardness hands, he slowly climbed the stairs, staring at the spoon.At the top, near the hall of armor, he decided not to go there because the wind could blow away the sand and prefer immediately come down.Passing the hall with the military guns, standing under the stairs, he realized that they consider close only leaning over the railing.It was not dangerous for him, but the contents of the spoon almost certainly would have crumbled, so he limited his examination room from a distance.For the same reason the lord did not get in the dungeon, as there would have to go down the steep stairs.Very pleased, he went up to the starting point of the tour, where he was waiting for a man in a Scottish skirt with weights in hand.Senior emptied their contents into a spoon and began to wait for the result.

- is amazing, but you have lost only half a gram - announced the host.- Congratulations to you, as you predicted, and this visit was for you free of charge.

- Thank you.

- Did you enjoy visiting?- Asked the last man in a skirt.

Tourist, after some hesitation, I decided to be honest.

- In truth, small.I kept thinking about the sand and looked around.

- What a mess!You know, I'll make an exception for you.I refilled vashulozhku because those are the rules, but forget about the sand.After twelve minutes, comes the next visitor.You have to get back to it.

Wasting no time, the lord took a spoon and ran on the mezzanine, took a quick look at the exhibits, rolled head over heels on the stairs in a dungeon and covered with sand stage.There, he did not stay for a minute, because time is running out.He flew as on wings, under the stairs, where, leaning, scattered remains of sand from a spoon.Glancing at his watch, he realized it had been eleven minutes.Time to inspect the guns had not, and he again ran for the exit, where the warden gave an empty spoon.

- Well, no sand, but do not worry, we've agreed to.What about this time?You like a tour?

visitor does not immediately know what to say.

- Actually, no, - he said at last.- I was thinking about how not to be late, scattered all the sand, but received no satisfaction.

man in a skirt lit his pipe and said:

- There are people who go through the castle of my life, trying to never have to pay, and can not enjoy this trip.There are others who always in a hurry, quickly lose everything and do not get the same pleasure.Ochennemnogie comprehend the science of life.They are discovering every nook and enjoy every moment.They know that they have to pay for everything, but understand that life is worth it.

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