How to increase the C drive on the primary hard drive

Today we talk about how to increase the C drive straight out of Windows, because it is one of the "burning" the forums.Despite the fact that the hard drive is physically a single unit, with the help of special programs available to its entire volume can be broken down into almost any number of logical partitions.For example, one and the same support in one holder is determined by the operating system as "drive C" of 500 GB, and the other - as disks "C" of 100 GB and «D», respectively, to 400 GB.All the matter in the preliminary breakdown, which, by the way, at any time can be changed.How can you not remember the cartoon about a tailor and a merchant who wanted to get out of one skin 10 caps.

By some strange beliefs of the majority of hard disks, sold as part of computers and laptops, is divided into two sections for smaller systems, and more - for user files.In previous articles we have already pointed out the shortcomings of such a decision, so stop at the feasibility of re-will not.Whatever it was, the web is often asked question of how to increase the C drive

There are several ways to resolve it.Some involve the use of third-party programs, and others allow you to bypass the operating system Windows.Enlarge the C drive, you can use the application from the company DiskDirector Acronis.The only drawback - distribution on a fee basis, but for many it is not a problem.The first dialog box that appears after you install and run - is the choice of the operating mode (automatic or manual).If you just need to figure out how to increase the size of the C drive, without delving into the nuances of the file system, it is quite appropriate "automatic".In the right box, specify the desired profile, and in the left (group "Master") - an increase in free space.Before you increase the C drive, you need to decide by any other section will be resizing - still gigabytes of emptiness does not arise.

So, first specify the drive you want to do more and more - the amount of which will be taken away.Wizard to increase free space, which means you can move the slider to select the desired size.The next screen will display summary information - useful carefully to see it, not to make a mistake.By clicking "Finish", the user enters the home page DiskDirector.At the top there is an image of the flag, painted in black and white square: after clicking on it will display the latest warning table where you can select "Start" to perform or "Cancel" the operation.Sometimes you may need to reboot, as a warning.

in how to increase the C drive, no big deal.Let us point out some of the features:

- no data partition is not deleted;

- operation requires some time for its completion;

- while the program can not turn off the computer.For stationary systems, it makes sense to take care of the backup power source;

- the change in volume at the expense of other sections.

Of similar software Partition Magic can be noted from the Paragon.