Operating system - the brain of the computer

Operating System - this is a very complex term.It has no precise definition, as it is a set of programs, each of which performs a specific function, and in general represent a single set of management computer.Development of the "axis" takes a lot of time.Modern operating systems have finalized after several years.

operating system - a collection of various programs and applications that allow simultaneous interaction of all the devices of a personal computer.Various applications of a complex provide access to resources of a PC.

operating system - applications that control basic processes, various plug-ins (such as a printer, webcam, etc.) files, programs.OS may vary according to the principle of operation, reliability and security, but their main function remains the same.

operating system - is the main way of communication between the PC and the user.OS at its core is the soul of the computer, without it he becomes just a set of different devices, the use of which will be simply impossible.

IBM-compatible personal computers using a variety of operating systems and environments.Choice of OS at the expense of functions that will need to carry a PC.For example, powerful gaming station shall be provided, Windows, and in the PDA operating system is Android.

Some of the most common systems for PCs:

- MS-DOS - the operating system, the management of which is done by the command line.It is simple and reliable, but it is very difficult to manage.For your convenience, several shells were developed first Volkov Commander, and then more popular - Norton Commander.

- At the end of the twentieth century, Microsoft gave users a completely new operating system - Windows.Manage it happened using various "windows" that, in principle, and formed the basis of names.This system quickly gained popularity due to its ease of operation and accessibility.Currently, the most popular is the Windows operating system in the world.

Despite the differences in the program code and functions, the OS remains the same for all.It includes:

- a software module that provides an interface with the file system;

- the shell - a program that execute commands that are specified by the user;

- a set of system drivers - programs that provide smooth operation of various internal and external modules.This driver is responsible for the work as a printer and motherboard;

- Module graphical interface - a set of programs that use the mouse with the command;

- Utilities - serving wheels program.File operations also take place due to their use;

- Information Module - an application that provides for the receipt of information about the current state of the system.

to store information using different physical media (hard drive, flash card, etc.), but for a program it must be loaded into the internal - RAM.From the amount of internal memory depends performance PC.