" The battalions are asked to fire " : a summary of the story .Analysis of works by Yuri Bondarev " Battalions Ask for Fire "

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In this article we consider the product "The battalions are asked to fire".Summary him, and analysis will be presented below.Yuri Bondarev has created a tale of heroism and valor of the Russian soldier, about the harsh everyday life of the war, as well as a love for the motherland each.Written on it was a work of "The battalions are asked to fire", summary and analysis that we are interested in, in 1957.

Weapons can not save

bombing lasted for forty minutes.All it cracked, torn and burned on the tracks.Gulyaev, the colonel sends Bitkovskogo Zhora, his chauffeur, found the commandant of the station.He could not explain Iverzevu head of logistics, the division commander, why could not the time to unload cars.But they were weapons.Iverzev sends furious officers unload escaped from the fire.Chief of Logistics of the locomotive Gulyaev sends to uncouple cars.Boris Ermakov captain, appears during this turmoil.He got here from the hospital.

Ermakov and walked

Gulyaev says to him that night crossed battery Ermakova led Kondratieff Dnieper.Ermakov selection manager approves."Willis" with Ermakov and Gulyaev rounded convoy.As the tanks crossed the pontoon bridge.Fire struck the sky on them.He heard from the depths of the forest belated shots of aircraft anti-aircraft guns.Again, "Willis" ran the road to the Dnieper.Stupid, accidental death feared Ermakov.

It seemed to him humiliating.Do not let him go into the battery Gulyaev, taking in his "farm."Over the river tracer bullets flew.We played on the right side of six-barrel mortars.It was cold, damp, windy autumn night.

Shura Relationship with Kondratyev and Yermakov

under a tarpaulin in 150 meters from the shore of a small fire smoldered in the bomb crater.Multiple gunners lay beside him.Join them Bobkov, who was a sergeant Kravchuk blamed for the fact that he left his post.However, it was replaced by Kondratyev, senior lieutenant, who sits on the equipment with the Shura, according Bobkov.Search Kondratiev foreman sends Sklyar to deliver the food.Kondratiev himself sitting in a wet overcoats.Shura clings to the lieutenant, for which he condemned it, because he knew about the relationship of the girl with the captain Yermakov.Kondratyev doubted that they would be able to cross tonight.Two hours sappers have "decimated" eight people.He went to find out how things are going with the ferry.There's still ten people asked him sapper captain.

Ermakov know about the fire by Kondratieff, which actually is not its batteries.At first the captain refuses, then to send sappers Tsygichko sergeant and five driving.He himself goes for a walk with Shura, asking her if she is not stopped loving him.She is confident that Ermakov refers to her as any woman.Here Zhorka takes the captain he is summoned to the headquarters of the division.For the guys give Sklyar bag of biscuits, which were found in a German car.

When Colonel Gulyaev finished interrogation of prisoners, Ermakov joined them.We learned from one of the Germans that deep stretches for several kilometers in several layers of defense.Artillery and tanks closed the way to the Dnieper.Order of the German army - not a step back.The Germans retreated to the river - it was a tactical move.The prisoners believe that the Dnieper will fracture the war.Gulyaev and Ermakov after interrogation sent to the headquarters of the division.

decision Iverzeva, division commander

Iverzev, the division commander, has been compared with the general Ostroukhov, past commander, a hasty, ill.The next task, he puts everyone describes Yuri Bondarev ("The battalions are asked to fire").By 5 am, two battalions of the 85th Regiment of focus in the area of ​​forestry (battalion Maximova) and villages Zolotushkino (Bulbanyuka).On aid Bulbanyuku sent two guns, whose team captain Yermakov.Maksimov makes battery lieutenant Zharov.The purpose of the battalions - to distract attention of the Germans themselves, hold a bridgehead in the villages.At this point, the division will strike to take Dneprova south, on the right bank, a foothold.It should signal the battalions, "Give fire" (hence the title of the work - "The battalions are asked to fire").

Summary consists of the following further events.Transmitted Gulyaev Boris Yermakov a note draws attention Iverzeva.It says that Boris Island no two guns (two of the four are on the beachhead, the other two - at the crossing - split).Alekseev says Yermakov that under his disposal is given to two guns with the calculations.

Preparing to cross the Dnieper

Boris directs Zhora to the Zolotushino sent to people, and he arrived in the artillery regiment.Here he takes a gun, but did not want to take Lieutenant Proshina.But he went with his platoon: captain drove his trot.Ermakov comes to battalion headquarters where tormented teeth Orlov.Major Bulbanyuk joined them.He said that night decided to cross the Dnieper, and the day should not be shown to anyone on the beach.Ermakov, check the combat readiness of people hung up.

plan Iverzeva

So the order was given and battalions Balbanyuka Maximov create the appearance that the Soviet troops were advancing south of Dneprova.While the battle was going in this direction, the main forces of the command is contracted to the north in order to strike a decisive blow to the Nazi fortifications.Divisional artillery regiment was to support the battalions.However, it was transferred at the last moment to the north.Officers and men had to fight with the invaders without the support of artillery fire.They showed courage and resourcefulness.

place of love and war there.The Shura love Ermakov and Kondratiev.She was flattered by this attention.

impracticable task - to cross the Dnieper.Soldiers can not raise their heads and under fire from the other side of fascists.It wanted to smuggle not only people, but also ammunition, forage, horses, and two pieces of artillery.The soldiers built rafts to attack.Unable to cross unnoticed.It was more losses, but the battalion still managed to land on the other side.

Subsequent events works "battalions are asked to fire"

book goes on to describe the following events.Now it should take two of the village and hold the position for as long as the main shock did not prepare the main contributors.Heavy fighting battalions are depleted.So no help comes from the division.

survived only a few people.Ermakov Iverzeva blames for the deaths.Meanwhile, the main army successfully crossed the river, advancing north Dneprova.Thus ends the work of "The battalions are asked to fire", a summary of which we have described.

analysis works

this is the second product of the war Bondarev, but the first novel in which the writer's talent manifested itself so clearly.In his work he combined understanding of philosophical problems with the analysis of the human soul.Also, the story "The battalions are asked to fire" (Bondarev) is the most daring and the very first product of those years in which no patriotic cries.There was only the naked truth about the war.For the first time the writer has raised the question of the means by which victory was achieved.

main problem

main problem story "The battalions are asked to fire" - a contradiction between the fate of the operation and the fate of individuals.Is it permissible for a common goal to sacrifice the lives of people?Is it possible to justify such a sacrifice?

At the level of conflict between Iverzevym Yermakov and trying to solve these problems in his work "The battalions are asked to fire" Bondarev.You can add here and Gulyaev.Realizing the situation perfectly Iverzeva because they were both colonels, he still entirely on the side of Ermakova, my friend.The battalions, divisions, he sees first individual soldiers, their tragedies and life.But disapproval Iverzeva this character to an open conflict comes as Ermakov.He restrains himself, realizing that he could not judge them.

In the story "The battalions are asked to fire" the writer answers to these questions does not.Unresolved tension between the overall objective and the means of its implementation, that is, people's lives."The battalions are asked to fire" - the story, which reveals the psychology of the characters.War checks each of them, turns them inside out soul.This is not a traitor to one of the characters Bondarev.

This concludes a brief description of the work, "The battalions are asked to fire".The analysis can be extended, but the main points we have identified.