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Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

The body of the caterpillar more muscle than in the human body.

February 18, 1979 in the Sahara Desert was snowing.

When the female giraffe gives birth, her calf falls from a height of 1.5 meters.

perch, living in the Black Sea, in his youth - mostly female, and to 5 years - change sex to male.

rat can last longer without water than a camel.In general, the rat go without water longer than any mammal on Earth.

The sunniest place on earth - the Dead Sea, there are about 330 sunny days a year.The least the sun is observed in the Russian Severnaya Zemlya archipelago - where the sun is only 12 days a year.

For every person in the world accounting for 250 million. Insects.

Ostrich - the only bird that has bladder.

weight of items in the world 100 kg on Mars would have amounted to only 38 grams.

parrots and rabbits - the only animals that can see behind itself without turning his head.

One river Ural is in Europe, the other - in Asia.

thirst occurs when the body is dehydrated by just 1%.

loss of the human body 10% of the water can lead to death.

Sargasso Sea has the clear water.

In one year 31,557,600 seconds.

only river in the world, which begins at the equator and flows into the zone of temperate climate - the Nile.Most of the rivers are flowing in the opposite direction.

Almost - the longest word in the English language, in which all the letters are in alphabetical order.

Leonardo da Vinci spent about 12 years to draw lips, "Mona Lisa."

Well-known "bow", which tied the laces on the shoe, called "reef knot."

Honey is easily digested by the human body, because it has already been digested by the body of the bee.

People who quit smoking, it takes 1 hour less sleep.

addition to fingerprints, the imprint of the language is unique and every person.

The tiger striped skin, not just the fur.

More than half the world's population has never seen snow in a living - only in photographs or on video.

man up in the morning rather than the evening of 1 cm.During the day, the joints are compressed.

For a man serving 2.5 kg of chocolate fatal.

In the human body, about 75 km (!) Nerves.

ten in a hundred degrees is called "Googol".In nature, there are about 1330 species of water.They vary in origin, rain or ground, fresh snow or lying long, the number of substances dissolved in it.

Camel drawn on a pack of cigarettes "Camel", called "Old Joe".

Sarah Bernhardt played 13-year-old Juliet 70 years.

in Russian and English languages ​​have no word for the name of the back of the knee.

Captain Cook was the first man whose foot on all continents of the Earth except Antarctica.

Strawberry - a nut.

Flag Alaska created a 13-year-old boy.

718 degrees Celsius - a temperature of hell, the scientists calculated by comparing quotes from the Bible.

biggest bubble of chewing gum was zafiksrovan in July 1994 in a television studio.The diameter of the bubble was 58.5 cm. The longest living creature - a worm.The length caught in the North Sea backoff worm 55 meters.

to cook soft-boiled ostrich egg, you will need 40 minutes.

total weight of bacteria living in the human body, is 2 kg.Originally, the word "moment" was the old anliyskoy unit of time of 1 minute 30 seconds.

pupil humans - is constant.At 4 years, 13 years, 26 and 49 - the same pupil diameter.

Roman emperor Julius Caesar always wore a laurel wreath on his head to hide the progressive baldness.

In the human body weighing 70 kg contains 150-180 grams of salt

The Queen Elizabeth I (British) (1533-1603) was about 3,000 outfits.

Hans Christian Andersen could not competently write almost any word.

Great, Genghis Khan died while having sex.

More than 70% of food supply for the world's population of about 12 species of plants and 5 species.

Dr. Ames Chase, who wrote the book "Healthy Eating", died of malnutrition.In the period from 1952-1966, the son of Ralph and Keromin Cummings was born five children, and they all have a birthday on February 20th.

Hunger disappears in humans after 21 minutes after he eats a piece of bread.Before composing music, Beethoven poured on his head a bucket of cold water, believing that it stimulates the brain.

signals in the human nervous system reach speeds of 288 km / h.

Three quarters of bacteria living in human intestine, has not yet opened.

ancestors of Winston Churchill on the maternal side were ... Red Indians.

Cleopatra married her brother - Ptolemy.

living descendants of William Shakespeare in the world left.

Roman Emperor Nero married man - one of his slaves named Skorus.In the human body about 100 trillion cells, but only 10 of them - human, the other - the microbes.

man begins to perceive himself in the mirror at the age of 12-18 months.Kleopata verify the effectiveness of its poisons, giving their slaves.

The man working at the computer, per day 15-20 thousand eyes are refocusing time from screen to paper and keyboard.

Anna Burgundy - the first woman to receive an engagement ring with a diamond of the German King Maximilian I - 1477.

Many used to say a phrase as a "CD-ROM", and this is a tautology, since the abbreviation CD (from Eng. Compact Disc) already includes the word "drive".That is, it turns out the CD-ROM.The same situation with a DVD-disk (Eng. Digital Video Disc), if you add the word disk, you get a digital video disc.

Ketchup in 1830 sold as a medicine.

During normal transatlantic flight, each passenger receives almost the same proportion of radiation as in X-ray of the tooth.

Divide your height to 8 should get the height of the head.At room temperature, regular molecule moves with velocity bullets.

Regardless depending on the thickness and size of any one sheet of paper can be folded more than 8 times.

polar bear skin is black, and his fur is not white, but transparent.No one has yet been able to tame the African elephant.Only Indian trainable.

Even a small drop of alcohol reduces scorpion crazy.It stings itself to death.

We always see the same side of the moon.

Fastest growing tall bamboo.During the day, it can grow to 1 meter.

Emblem "lollipop" with Salvador Dali painted daisies.In a somewhat modified form it has been preserved to this day.

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