Meaning phraseologism "sherochka with masherochkoy"

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Linguistics boring only at first glance.When you "dive" into the depths of the history of the system of communication, in other words, the language, you plunge headlong into the world of interesting facts and stories that influenced the style of communication, the use of terms and words.Most elementary propositions, which we use every day are no less historical significance than the picture exposed on public display at the Tretyakov Gallery.

In this article we will talk about the phrase that crept away from our language.Use this phraseology is not all, and not many people understand what it was about, but ... But very interesting to know what is meant when used the phrase "sherochka with masherochkoy."


To start, you need to tell us that this expression - is not nothing but a banal idiom.That is the phrase that has a precise meaning, sometimes very conventional, but still.The phrase is a solid expression, used alone can not.Let's find out what we mean when we say "sherochka with masherochkoy."

phraseologism value in this case is slightly vague.In those days, when it actively explore the Russian language meant concrete action, namely, the two girls dance in a pair.It uses the expression in a slightly ironic tone.

Background In order to understand the cause of the essence of banter forms of use, it is necessary to look back a hundred and fifty years - two hundred.At the time, it created the first educational institutions.Among them were a purely female and purely masculine.Education received there, mostly children of wealthy gentlemen.Brought up the elite of society.It is worth mentioning that before all had the opportunity to learn solely through tutors "at home".


This, as you know, only the background, indicating the formation of the phrase "with sherochka masherochkoy."Prerequisites were created much earlier, when our country came the fashion for France.Wild sounds, agree.But so behaved society where the average lifestyle of the French nobles copied ours, mean Russian, Polycarp Feofanovich, for example.Children were taught to speak only in French.For example, the famous writer AS Pushkinmastered the Russian language and grammar only after the first poems written in French, and he was then more than six years.It is regrettable, but it is a fact of our history.We are obliged to honor.

object of ridicule

So, that's when the light and there was "a sherochka masherochkoy."Ordinary people who had no worries about education, was wild to see published in the "world" of teenagers who speak only French.

In this case, we are talking about the open in 1764 Smolny Institute for Noble Maidens, where girls from wealthy families between the ages of 6 and 18 years were studied geography and literature, household basics and etiquette, grammar and arithmetic.Tact was above all addressed each other young ladies exclusively in French (fashion, can not escape), using adjectives sweetest and expensive.In the park of the monastery, where there was a restaurant, the girls walked in pairs, sometimes dancing, turning to each other very politely.


Such couples are constantly talking mon cher (dear), cher (dear), mon cher ami (my dear friend) and became those who so actively began to be called "sherochka with masherochkoy."

Later phrase has become a household name, indicating dancing with two girls who, for whatever reason, did not have the Cavaliers.

What does "sherochka with masherochkoy"?

at a given time is a word (idiom), it is appropriate to use in relation to men who have a common point of view.Dance for them to do it is not necessary.It is also appropriate to use the turnover in respect of friends or spouses, ie close to each other people.

All these uses have roots that appeared just at the time that we have described above, but there is another use netoy phrase.Few people know about it now, but in the history of this fact occurred.So we have to know about it.

This phrase has been used extensively in Odessa, where the so-called actively cooperate with each other and Masherova Shevardnadze.It is this pair called politicians "sherochka with masherochkoy."The value in this context, is quite different.In saying this, people mean the Political Bureau, that is, nothing to do with dancing and girlish pairs.Well, maybe, the ideology of the politicians was one? ..


should not gloss over the fact that there is a great theatrical production of Nikolai Vladimirovich Kolyada "Sherochka with Masherochkoy."The well-known actor, screenwriter, theater director wrote a play by that name.In 1993 it was published in the journal "Theatre."In 1997, the play was shown on television.In the title role in his time played Rimma Markova.His first performance was at the theater Sovremennik, and shone in her Leah Akhedzhakova Alla Pokrovskaya.In the play, the author describes the women who are forced to live without men.


same name song was released the group "Arrows" in 1999.The song describes the friendship of two girls who did not want to quarrel for the boys.Easy, is not burdened with great sense of pop composition was once quite popular.To be fair to say that this topic is very relevant to society.The fact that adult women in our time much more than men.And earlier, I think, a big difference with the current time, there was no need only recall the women of the commune and the Amazons.


addition phraseologism in Russian there are several use, no less active.Meaning they have about the same, here is the story of creation is different.But, nevertheless, we feel obliged to list them:

- "saucepan with a lid";

- "a couple of goose yes gagarochka / tsezarochka";

- "we go a couple of Tamara";

- "lovebirds";

- "a sweet couple".

Such verbal turnovers considered synonymous because of the semantic similarity.