Regular exercise - the key to a healthy lifestyle

Regular exercise must be performed at any age.If you exercise enough that strengthens the muscles, joints, preserved bone strength, improving posture of man, but also increases stamina and resistance to stress.They also contribute to the normal functioning of internal organs and excellent mood.

existing complex not only general physical exercise, but also a point of action aimed at strengthening specific muscle groups.This is due to people's desire for perfection of the figure, for example, the need to strengthen the chest.But there are times when a man in connection with certain diseases can not perform all the exercises, and some of it is simply counter the attending physician.

In this paper we propose to consider physical exercise for women who want to enlarge their breasts.This is not to be confused with chest breasts, as first defined as a set of chest muscles and breast.A per se does not have muscle cancer.

Thus, exercise for breast enlargement include the establishment of appropriate relief muscles, due to which a woman will look toned and have a spectacular appearance.

Any exercise one performs only after a mandatory workout that provides stretching, warming up the muscles and prevent injury during training.Warm-up is a vigorous slopes, jumping rope, or a little jog.

The first exercise is called "East" and allows you to tone the chest muscles and increase it.We need to stand with his back to the wall or sit on a chair (always with a straight back).During the training you need to make sure that the back was tightly pressed against the surface, otherwise most of the load will fall exactly on her, not on the pectoral muscles.It is necessary to close the palm to the chest and push one to the other until you feel tension in the muscles.Counted to 10, push your palms on 5 centimeters forward again to count to 10, then back and forth to repeat as long as possible to restrain his hands together.Opened his hand, shake hands and repeat this exercise twice.When you need to focus is the work of the muscles.

Exercise "The Wall" is very convenient to carry out at home.Get in the doorway, his arms stretch in school.Within a minute, put pressure on him, simulating an attempt to move the wall, and then slightly bent into the opening, make an effort for a minute.Muscles get the maximum load at a pressure of struggling.Similarly, you can perform this exercise standing against the wall, but hold back vertically straight, without tilting.Best execution time - 2 minutes in three sets.

a very effective exercise in the pectoral muscles are push-ups.To achieve the effect you need to perform at least 20 times at a time.If at the outset it is impossible to reach such a large number of repetitions, then this must strive through constant training.

As mentioned above, there are times when you can not perform the exercise in full of the presence of a particular disease.It is to such limiters physical exertion is hypertension.

About half of people suffering from high blood pressure are very sedentary.Experts still of the opinion that high blood pressure should perform the simplest exercises that, firstly, result in a small loss of weight, and secondly, can be even slightly lower pressure.

So, exercise for hypertension are selected individually for each person.And for people suffering in addition to high blood pressure, and even obesity, will be very effective swimming.It is also recommended to hypertensive patients to walk more.