How to write a review of the scientific work: the basic requirements and recommendations

How to write a review, comment on the scientific article, diploma thesis tutorial?This question is asked yourself at least once, probably all those involved in education.Even university students sometimes have to do the job.At first glance, writing reviews or reviews seem confusing and complicated task.In fact, to review or review of the Diploma has been performed at a high level, you need to know certain requirements and follow a clear structure of the presentation of scientific thought.These subtleties we will see below.

The first thing to remember Author: review of the Diploma, or a comment on a scientific paper - this is not a detailed retelling and your personal sympathy or antipathy to the topic and presentation.First of all, logically reasoned opinion of a man who is an expert in a particular field.

asking questions about how to write a review, it is necessary, first of all, clearly understand the meaning of the word.Review considered special text - analysis of a particular source, designed for a certain circle of readers.The main purpose of this report - to inform and assess the level of the analyzed source.Reflecting the general idea of ​​a peer-reviewed text, the author should highlight the positive aspects and to submit a reasoned criticism.

Which aspects of the key points brought to the court expert - this is his personal vision.There is no one right way.Everything depends on the expertise and research interests of the reviewer.

Technology review can be divided into the following stages:

- define the subject of peer-reviewed material;

- to find out what is the relevance of the proposed research;

- and analyze the architecture of the semantic content of the text;

- be sure to pay attention to this important point, as the analysis of scientific novelty, clearly express its opinion on the originality of the work;

- note how fit and how theoretical concepts are consistent with the empirical calculations, thereby rationalize the level of practical significance;

- list the strengths and weaknesses of the work (a reviewer should indicate what exactly the author managed to cope with the problem, but what else can require additional work, noting ambiguous interpretations of scientific findings, any discussion points);

- very briefly and objectively formulate an opinion about the work and give an overall assessment;

- draw conclusions, you can add information about the author or to characterize who is addressed and may be an interesting job.

perform a sequence of actions and compliance structures will review its quality writing, as well as the sequence of actions can be safely used in the preparation of comments on the scientific work of any genre.

Before you write a review, you must also learn the basic stylistic features of presentation of scientific thought.The text must be clear and precise, easily understood and should not contain lexical revolutions inherent artistic or spoken language.

If the reviewer wants to reinforce the impression any comparative characteristics, epithets, phraseology, and so on. E., It is absolutely inappropriate, because you only need to write a review in a scientific style.Even the brightest positive or, conversely, very negative impression of the work necessary to try to pass without using expressive means of literary expression.