The length of a football field, width, turf - Requirements for arenas

Soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world.And it is no wonder - every day thousands of spectators witness the battles taking place on the football field at different points of the planet.Some of them go away disappointed, others - exulting, the third can be anyway.

Usually, the viewer comes to the stadium sits in a chair, watching the game and leaves.Few people think about how complex the design of the arena, as it is designed, what is the length of a football field, the height of the lawn, etc.But all of these indicators are regulated by the competent authority for the licensing arena they need to be full compliance with the established norms.

what are in general should be no longer than a football field, the width and other characteristics?The fact that the set values, which may vary within the limits.The length of a football field should be at least 90 m (100 yards) and not more than 120 meters (130 yards).Width - 45 and 90 meters respectively.This means that the width and length of a football field, for example, to "Donbass Arena" in Donetsk and "Maracana" in Rio de Janeiro may vary, but is within the limit, performance will conform to generally accepted standards.In addition to the width and length, special requirements are height and width of the gate, the size of the box and the goalie pads, location and size of the technical area, within which the coach can make adjustments and to give verbal instruction the players during the match.

In football, there is such a thing as a "home field factor."The concept is, as a rule, put the fact that the team playing a match in their own stadium, gets the advantage of the support of their fans.About how fans and ultras are able to "make" their moral and suppress other people's players are written entire treatises.And support has long ceased to include only songs and various animations in the arena, but rather grows into a separate art form.But is this advantage home stadium?About that, what is the length of a football field, or, say, artificial or natural turf cover the arena, ordinary fans are unlikely to wonder, however, coaches always analyze this information.Why is that?Because each team has its own style of play, adapted to the conditions (width and length of a football field as well) stadium.Some teams promote total control of the ball, the other - the game flanks, and others - like the use of long throw the ball to one of the high-forwards in the hope that the latter at the expense of size will win the fight with the enemy.Naturally, at their stadium the team plays half games of the season and, therefore, the style of play most sharpened by the size of the home field.Based on these and other indicators, the specific coach builds a particular football team tactics from match to match, the opponent to the opponent, from season to season.