Stretching at home - strengthening muscles and ligaments

Stretching at home plays a very important role in the anticipation of muscle imbalance and the associated problems with the correct posture.Stretching exercises help to avoid injuries and add efficiency in regular exercise.However, it should be borne in mind that too active sessions on stretching the muscles can cause injury.For this exercise should be approached with caution.Perform complex better with a moderate number of repetitions and the day after.At the same time to obtain tangible results need to train regularly without absenteeism.

How to stretch the legs at home, it is best to prompt experts.But it is possible, based on the relevant literature, and develop a set of exercises for themselves.

At the beginning of training should be well warmed up.Light jogging and brisk walking (about 10 minutes) is not only train the heart muscle, but also "warm" body.Blood begins to rapidly circulate through the vessels, thus warming the body and limbs.Without this pretreatment would be difficult to carry out exercises with the required amplitude.The best time to stretch is performed at home - the evening.It was at this time of day the body calmly accept such a burden and become supple muscles.

Stretching at home is effective when a certain number of conditions:

- the ability to control the size of the load on the muscles when performing each stretch;

- paying special attention to the position of the head, waist, shoulders and legs during exercise;

- load regulation in accordance with the general state of health, because every day the human body feels different.

should remember that proper stretching leg at home requires a lot of time and attention to their well-being.There definitely should listen to their feelings.

So, here are some exercises that can achieve the flexibility of the body.

Stretching the groin in a sitting position .You must sit on the floor, feet to bring together so that the soles of your feet looked at each other and clasp hands joined soles.Slowly lean forward from the hips starting to move, until the feeling of light stretching in the groin.If you need to slopes gently stretch the abdominal muscles and exhale.Stay in the position of light stretching up to 45 seconds while breathing slowly and rhythmically.We must try to tilt went from the hips without straining your lower back by bending the neck and shoulders.The loin should be kept straight and look ahead.The longer a person can stay in the stretch position, the more effective will be busy.However, we must remember that there should be no discomfort.

Stretch the left side of the waist and hamstring .Sit on the floor, right leg fully extended position, the left foot should touch the inner surface of the right thigh.This right knee extended leg should be relaxed.Doing exhale slowly start to bend to the foot outstretched leg from the hip to the feeling of light stretching.The chin should be kept slightly stretched forward, shoulders and arms relaxed.Stay in this position for about 45 seconds while breathing slowly and rhythmically.Similarly, do this exercise on the other foot.

When performing this exercise you need to make sure that the quadriceps muscle of the right thigh was relaxed, and do not need to bend very low to the knee.However, you must control the location of the foot vertically elongated legs, and the muscles of the toes and ankles should be in a relaxed state.

Stretching the quadriceps in a seated position .It is necessary to sit on the floor, bend your right leg in position to heel touched the outside of the right thigh.The left leg is bent at the knee and the left foot for the internal side of the thigh of the right leg.Your right foot you need to pull back and ankle bend in the same direction.If you experience an unpleasant pressure on the ankle in this situation you can move the foot slightly to the side.Slowly deflected straight back to light stretching.To keep the balance, you can rest on your hands to the floor.Hold in this position up to 45 seconds, and then to do a similar exercise with the other leg.You can not stray too far, since it allows the knee to break away from the floor and then the main burden is on the knee rather than the hip.

When performing regularly and the whole complex stretching exercises at home will strengthen the muscles and ligaments, making them more dense and elastic.