How to cut down a man with a single blow?

Unfortunately, in life there are situations when you are in serious danger, and not only that the opponent is superior in strength several times, so he is also aggressive.And start a fight can result not only bruises and abrasions, but also the death of one of its members.

How to cut down a man with a single blow?

It is in these moments need to be protected by all possible and impossible ways.If you get into a similar situation a question arises: how to knock a man with a single blow?There are several ways to bring people out of balance.Let's start with the most vulnerable area of ​​human - eyes.Striking the enemy diagonally from the bottom up on a hand, you will not cause severe injuries, because you only need to stop the fight, but the pain and trauma of the upper eyelids and covers the eyeball him guaranteed.Even there is a possibility that the striker will lose consciousness, and you will have time to escape.

It is important not to miss, otherwise all your efforts will be crowned with traged

y for you.Strokes should be rapid, precise and unexpected, otherwise how else to cut down with a single blow of a man who set aggressive and physically stronger than you?

are very painful blows to the nose of the enemy.Direct inhalation results in a short time-shock.But if you hit the base of the palm just above, this shock will be much stronger and more durable.Do not forget the famous reception in the cinema, with a header in the nose.If you are a trained person, or behind you the experience of fighting, then you will not be easy to make it.This method will result in a broken nose or a knockout.

There is another great reception as to cut down the enemy with a single blow, you probably guessed it, where - is the groin.She is very sensitive and is the main goal, because it is the most unprotected area of ​​the male body.The fight begins you give a certain advantage, firing of manhood, which is able to load an unconscious person.

How to cut down a man with a single blow?Continuing to search for ways to remember about another part of the body, a crushing blow to which can lead to significant injury.Of course, it's ears.This is a great target for attacks.Precise and strong impact on both ears at the same time lead to rupture eardrums and bleeding in the nasal cavity, ear, throat and loss of consciousness.

Council athlete

In the book of John Gilby "Secrets of the martial arts world" tells of Russian fighter by the name of Slimansky.He long served in the state security bodies.And he describes the blows to the ear with his hands, which are composed of a boat.Fingers are pressed at the same time close to each other.As a result, the opponent gets injured middle ear and lost in space.The impact must be cause so that it fell on his hand sink.

Even if you get only one ear, and you will not be able to stun the opponent, in any case, get a lot of discomfort from a blow to the cartilage.And you will have two options: is to finish an opponent or quickly escape from the brawl.This option is not considered when the opponent growth under two meters.

Beat in the temporal part

How to cut down a man with a single blow?Continuing to study the weaknesses of the opponent's body and to learn ways to fight, it is necessary to recall the fact that the skull has a different thickness over its entire area in front of it is 5 mm, and in the frontal part of the almost centimeter.Only in the temporal part of a human skull thickness of only two or even one millimeter.As you know, this area is quite vulnerable to strikes.

But in any case, do not strike with the fist bones, it can lead to death of your enemy, and it is very desirable.Beat only palm.Although this method also can lead to death.If the hand lies in such a way that your eyes can strike a blow, it is considered the combined impact.

To beat?

head - a truly unique body that combines a lot of pain points.How to cut down a man with a single blow?Consider another place where it is necessary to beat.This version - the jaw.A blow to the lower jaw requires precision, sharpness, correct trajectory and strong fist.If all of this combined, you knocked out the enemy with a single blow.

How does it work?A blow to the jaw should be applied directly from the bottom up, from the head of this will make a sharp jerk, and the brain, which is subject to the laws of physics, hit the skull.This leads to a temporary shutdown of consciousness, that is, to a knockout.

only hit so as not to get too tough.Kick in the teeth of man can break your arm.Such injuries are accompanied of infection, inflammation, suppuration.

Conclusion There are many ways to bring the human body fails.But, having got into such a situation, it is better to be solved peacefully, without starting a fight.