Chickens Hercules.

Modern breeders have derived a huge amount of chicken breeds like the egg and meat production.One of the best to date is considered to be Hercules.It is very productive and also quite unpretentious in the care of a hybrid.

Chickens Hercules: The description

Color bird of this species can be either color or pure white.The main distinctive features include chickens Hercules:

  • well muscled body;
  • broad chest;
  • surround the stomach;
  • strong thick legs yellow;
  • bright red comb and earrings;
  • trim, upturned tail.

Experienced farmers are advised when buying chickens to pay attention to their head.If implemented day-old birds - indeed Hercules, they must be completely absent scallops.

Feedback from breeders, the chickens have their advantages.These include primarily simplicity and calm, friendly temperament.Hercules fighting cocks very rarely, including with representatives of other breeds.With geese, ducks, turkeys and so on that bird gets along very well.


Egg laying hens oats almost the same as conventional laying hens.With good care of one individual can get 210-220 pieces.Eggs differ quite large in size.Taste qualities they are very good.Farmers and praise them for a very large yolk rich, vivid colors.The weight of one egg typically 64-66 grams.

Weight bird of this species is also gaining very well.Chickens can reach 3.3-3.5 kg in weight, males - from 4.3 to 4.5 kg.However, their juicy and tender meat is considered tastier than the hens.Cooking from it you can not just soup.From broiler meat as it has a more natural flavor.


Chickens feeding oats, the characteristics of which was given above, is actually a very productive and quite rightly earned excellent reviews of the owners of homestead farms.In the first months of the life of birds of this breed is usually kept at a balanced feed.In this case the chickens grow well, grow quickly and do not get sick.Later, the birds start to give natural food.Judging by the reviews of the owners of homestead farms, Hercules rush for a long time - from 2 to 3 years.Of calcium and nitrogen-containing mineral supplements they are given a mandatory, otherwise the chickens begin to peck eggs.When the content of meat, this condition can not be respected.

From natural food produce cereals (mainly wheat).You can also feed bran mash and vegetables to boiling water, broth or skimmed milk.Necessarily give these chickens and vitamin supplements, meat and bone meal, chalk and yeast in small quantities.Otherwise, like broilers, they can "fall on their feet."Of course, they are arranged in the barn and containers with small pebbles.Chickens peck them to better feed grinding.

What you need to know

metabolism meat-egg hens slightly worse than in the same layers.Ration the rocks of these areas productivity is similar.The only difference is that myasoyaichnym chicken feed give 15-20% more.It is very important to ensure that chickens oats do not overeat.If they are getting too many vegetables and grains, the body weight they may have too much longer.But not at the expense of meat, but because of the accrued fat on the internal organs, hormonal system depressant.These chickens are beginning to sweep much worse, and their eggs lose their biological value.

is therefore important to ensure that the grain and mash in the feeders do not lie.Eat everything they suggested, chickens have a maximum of 30-40 minutes.

Sometimes the owners decide to breed such birds as chickens breed Hercules alone.In this case, the breeding period the males are usually fed separately.The peculiarity of the behavior of poultry is that "gentlemen" is usually passed "give" to the feeder first.Therefore, males often go hungry, which, of course, can not affect the quality of the offspring.To avoid this happening in the shed is to fill the walls of the individual feeders.They must be located at a height such that there are only convenient to Petushki.

Vitamin supplements for the winter

Chickens Hercules, reviews of which are very good, and can be carried in the cold season, of course, only with proper nutrition.Ensure there is a complete diet of chickens in the winter is from summer.Be sure to procure vitamin supplements.This can be:

  • grass meal;
  • pulp from the fruit;
  • dried duckweed or waterweed;
  • silage.

summer, the mash is necessary to add the shredded dandelion, plantain, sow thistle and milkweed.

What should be the aviary

to the conditions of detention chickens rolled oats are not too demanding.Birdman usually build a wooden frame-panel.Inside mounted feeders and drinkers, as well as stuffed roosts and nests.The window in the chicken coop should be mandatory.Heating in the house is usually not satisfied.However, a thick rug (at least 40 cm) from the straw is put.In winter time it start to happen all sorts of biological processes, accompanied by heat.That is such a litter begins to act as a "soft" heater.

Perches set at a height of 80-100 cm. Beside them is nailed socket standard sizes.Feeders equipped with a pole-spinner.If this is not done, the chickens will have to climb, and throw food.When

floor maintenance shed to arrange paddock.From the chicken coop it should conduct a wide enough hole.Hercules - chickens calm, but solid fence around the paddock is put.Otherwise, the bird can go to the garden and to peck, for example, tomatoes.

When the content of the cells can be a bit reduce the cost of rearing a bird, like chickens Hercules.Feeding of them, however, in this case has some features: the diet necessarily administered vitamins D. This may be D2 or D3.Their use helps to strengthen the body and increase the birds resistance to disease.In the cells of chicken meat and egg productivity direction grow a little faster.

Price Herculean

worth a bird that breeds a bit more expensive than laying hens.The price of day-old birds, for example, can vary in the range of 40-50 rubles.Chickens teens are about 60-100 rubles.In Russia, the chicken breed Hercules buy is difficult.Sell ​​and throw them mainly in Ukraine.

hens (price of chickens is approximately 35 rubles) are cheaper, give a little more eggs, meat and in such amounts as from Hercules, get from them, of course, impossible.

Features breeding

Chickens oats were removed in Ukraine by crossing four different breeds.Because they belong to the Cross, to breed them "in itself" is impossible.However, some gardeners have already had time to assess the merits of this breed, it is believed that in the first and even the second generation from these chickens can get a very good, fairly productive offspring.But it is better not to take risks and purchase hatching eggs at the poultry farm.

Care chickens Chickens

Hercules features that enable to judge them as a very unpretentious, should receive adequate amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.This is especially true of small chickens.They take care of them about the same as for the chicks, hens.Just feed them in the early days to give a little more.It is best to use the "Start" for laying hens or broilers (can be mixed).Allowed to feed and traditional delicacies - boiled egg, wheat and cheese.The five-day-old chicks can already give finely frayed carrots.A little later - thoroughly washed greens.

lighting in the nursery for chicks of this species in the early days should be around the clock.Later, the artificial light day gradually reduced.

chickens for meat and egg breeds are more resistant to disease than broilers.However, laying hens, they are inferior in this regard.Therefore, to monitor the health of the chicks should be carefully.Of course, you should observe the temperature regime in the nursery.In the early days of the air in the box should be warmed to at least 29-30 degrees.A six-day-old chicks have enough and 26 ° C.Next, the temperature should be reduced to three degrees per week up until it reaches 16-18 ° C.

drinkers for chickens should use drip or nipple.Allow to chicks get wet, you can not.If this happens, the chicken is required as soon as possible dry and place in a very warm place.In the water small amounts of potassium permanganate are added.

Thus, chickens breed oats have a very good productivity.Caring for them is easier than for broilers.At the same time they are gaining weight very well and also good rush.This explains their immense popularity among farmers and owners of small household farms.