Flag of Australia and the history of its occurrence

Today Australia previously consisted of six British colonies.In addition, each of them had its own flag, which necessarily present an image "Union Jack" - symbol of Great Britain.This lasted until April 29, 1901, when he was officially introduced flag of Australia, which is located below the photo.

first historical attempts to introduce

Background to the introduction of the character of the country have been long before its approval.In 1824, Captain John Nicholson and John Bingle made the first, historically documented, attempt to take the flag of Australia.They placed four eight-pointed stars on a canvas of the sea of ​​the British flag in white.Each of them was located on the crossbar of the cross of St. George.Even seven years after that Captain Nicholson largely similar composition was introduced to New South Wales.The only difference was the use of dark blue for the cross.It should be noted that during the movement for the federalization of the state in the late nineteenth century, a flag of Australia was the most common.


After the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901, the government announced a nationwide competition for the design of a national symbol.During the meeting the organizing committee has received nearly 33,000 applications.After consideration by the Prime Minister officially announced the five winners.They were the representatives of different layers of the population, among whom there were fourteen-year high school student, student, artist, architect and sailor.All those who wish to establish a national flag of Australia pictures get almost identical.Each of the winners for their work won an award in the amount of forty pounds.British King approved the currently existing version in 1903.


Currently, the Australian flag is a blue cloth inscribed with the five stars that are part of the constellation of the Southern Cross, and another - a symbol of the Commonwealth of Australia.It should be noted that compared to the 1901 version during the existence of the country during her appearance character repeatedly been made some changes.They are mainly related to the location of the stars and their shape.Finally, the Australian authorities have decided on the design of their national character April 15, 1954.It was then decided that the rays of the stars represent the states of the Commonwealth countries, and the seventh symbolizes its capital, the northern part, as well as outside the state.


Requirements to be met by the national flag of Australia, defined at the legislative level.Individuals and schools were officially allowed to use a state symbol in 1940.One recent government documents associated with it, has become a law, dated 1996 and signed by the local Governor-General Sir William Deane.According to him, every year on September 3 at the country observed a day of national flag.Despite the fact that it is not the weekend, the country held various activities solemn character.

national emblem

Finally, mention must be made about the national emblem of Australia.His image is a shield that supports the emu and ostrich kangaroos from different sides.The choice of these animals, primarily due to the fact that neither one nor the other is not able to move back (retreat).Additionally, they are also considered national symbols.The shield is divided into six areas, each of which is placed a separate state emblem.As for the animals, holding the shield, they stand on a gold acacia.The modern version of the coat of arms was presented to Australia by the British King George the Fifth in 1912.