How to draw a pencil autumn leaves?

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Autumn - it is time to truly magic.What kind of paint do not only gives it the trees!From this riot of color impossible to take your eyes off.I so want to permanently capture a slice of the outgoing beauty!You can take pictures of scenery.Is it possible to transfer this golden magic on paper.

best option - to resort to such a simple way how to draw autumn leaves pencil, paint, and hang a picture on the wall.This can keep you warm mood in the house, even when the window is raging storm.Find a master class on how to draw autumn leaves gradually and learn to do it - a problem not from the complex.For this you need a little time, patience, inspiration and, of course, the desire.

Schematic drawing sheet

In order to understand how to draw autumn leaves, is simply to analyze the structure of a leaf skeleton.That is, learn how to draw the line - a basis for future image.To start

drawn straight vertical line - is the axis of symmetry.From it is necessary to conduct two more, at an angle of 45 degrees upward.These lines will be shorter.Their number should be fresh.How each side - depending on the size of the sheet.

Then they joined in a straight line or arcs.It remains to finish the leg and decorate.

This is a simplified version of the leaf.To make it look more like a real, necessary to the segments that go diagonally, add a couple more of the same.Then perform the procedure as the previous primitive pattern - edge lines connect to each other in pairs.

This brief digression on the subject of how to draw the autumn leaves gradually.If you plan to continue painting, there is no need to press hard on the pencil that he later did not tread through the paint.

Drawing autumn leaves in color

For many, the answer to the question of how to draw a pencil autumn leaves, remains a mystery, and time-consuming process.Few people can convey colors as they appear in nature.The reason for that - the ignorance, inability, or simple lack of courage to pick up a pencil and try to move on a piece of the surrounding beauty.

To draw a colored sheet of paper must be selected in the following colors:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • orange;
  • Brown;
  • pink;
  • green;
  • and color-wagon - Black.

Paint over a piece of yellow pencil, with not much pressing;near our skeleton, a couple of centimeters wider, causes orange.Hardly had the orange - red.We do the same manipulations with the edges of the leaf.

then unfilled midst (yellow background remaining) partially complement green.

To understand how to paint beautiful autumn leaves, it is necessary to consider some nuances.Pencils should be cleaned as painting, so it does not spoil the overall look.Facets of colors should blend smoothly, be virtually invisible.For this purpose it is necessary to start drawing with the lightest shade on top and then apply darker and darker.

strokes should be directed to one side to the image does not look natural.

Unusual leaves

And who said that the leaves - a classic of the genre?Drawing an autumn leaf can turn into a process of creating modern art.Simply put, we go beyond the classics and create avant-garde.

Draw backbone and rim leaf, but not paint as it used to do, and divide the piece into sections and each draw your pattern.It is important that each section of the pattern was not repeated or area uniformly repeated that our composition looked organically.

question of how to draw autumn leaves solved simple: the presence of imagination and the ability to hold a pencil.Brilliant phrase: "I am - an artist.I see it! "- No one saved from the danger of abstractionist be pelted with rotten tomatoes.Because safely create!

Drawing autumn leaves Autumn leaves

draw simple.Enough to put the backbone of the resulting color gamut, which is inherent in the autumn landscape.How to do it - described above.But there are a few subtleties.

In order to learn how to draw autumn leaves, it is necessary to remember the magic word - diversity.Do not be afraid "to splash paint from the glass."

warm palette should not restrict the web.Make the image contrast, shining help cool tones.They are applied as a background.Then the picture will be colorful and neodnoobraznoy.

Draw leaves.Allowance for lazy

Sometimes it happens that it is not sharpened by hand magic device - the pencil.Do not despair!How to draw autumn leaves, will prompt a fantasy.

Do not be discouraged, and going for a walk in the autumn to collect herbarium.Houses decompose leaves, choose the most beautiful and enjoy it and draw out the contour.The resulting figure to decorate the warm tones as we please.

no less interesting way - the composition of the leaves, leaving them empty instead of outlines.

For this we need:

  • several different leaves;
  • set of paints;
  • glass of water;
  • toothbrush.

We spread two or three leaf on white paper.On a wet brush we put a little paint.Brush the paint is sprayed onto the sheet.Then lay the next layer and repeat this simple manipulation.When you get tired (or just over herbarium considers that already), simply remove the leaves, put the resulting image into a frame.

little trick: to spread the leaves in the form of better bouquet, to avoid chaos.

Deciduous print

There is nothing easier and amusing than to teach a child how to draw autumn leaves.Rather, the question is not really about the picture.Seal leaves are suitable for employment with the creativity of young artists.

We need several different leaves and paint.Ideally suited for this gouache.And a white sheet, plate, which will be applied in a pattern.

background to paint the picture of a future bright colors or more.For the background is better to take a water color, as it spreads well.When mixing several colors such paint forms a smooth transition.

Wait until the background is dry.In the meantime, we put a thick layer of paint on one side of the sheet and attached to the paper, is not a piece of dried up.The same procedure is repeated several times, alternately razukrashivaya leaves in different colors.

order to allocate more leaves, the contour can be cut around the black marker.Also, you can apply and leaf veins, or decorate it with ornaments.

metal leaf

original paintings can be created through the use of dark colors, sheet and foil.

By putting a leaf of foil and carefully smooth as long as the circuit is translated and streaks on the foil.Then applied a thick layer of dark paint.Particularly striking in combination with silver foil look black and dark blue.

After the paint dries, metal scraper gently hold on the image, until he is clean of paint streaks.Carefully take out the piece from the foil, glue on cardboard size.

Drawing leaves watercolor

There is nothing easier than to learn how to paint watercolors autumn leaves.

Draw a circuit for drawing pencil.Sketch should be as easy and transparent.Well, if by the time you start working with watercolor, you have got the hand and understand how to draw a pencil autumn leaves.

yellow paint paint the piece.Then, set off the different colors - just as we did with the pencil drawing.The only difference is that we must wait each time to the previous coat of paint has dried.Otherwise there is the risk of getting an ugly blot without transitions.

unusual way of drawing

There are many ways how to paint an autumn leaf (leaf pencil too).Therefore, for many it is easy to perform such a picture.

can not be limited to the drawing tools, and instead of the usual brush or pencil to use cotton swabs.Contour fill leaf dots of different colors.Darker shade put on the places where the pencil outline.Background can be left white or paint strokes, strokes.It is not recommended to do a bitmap in the background, as the leaves will merge with it (except if it is cold shades, and the main figure - warm, and vice versa).

interesting composition is obtained when, instead of a simple pencil used candle wax.Then, when the paint is applied, in place of the circuit is white, unpainted space.

order to learn to paint, do not necessarily have the talent of a great artist.Courage, imagination and desire to create will allow to create unique patterns quickly and to remain always original.