How to distinguish males from females chicks?

All the little chicks look exactly the same.To distinguish females from males by their appearance is extremely problematic.However, a few fairly accurate special techniques sexing chicks still exists.About what it is, and we'll talk later in the article.

ancient method

So, how to distinguish between day old chick from chicken cockerel?This can be done, for example, in the same way that has long been used in the Russian villages.This method is a little rough and not very accurate.But to try to determine the sex of the chick so that it is still possible.Chicken just need to take the legs and lifted into the air.It is believed that males while hang quietly.Chickens are trying to take the correct position in space, pulling his head forward.

You can try to use the method and softer.For this chicken is merely put on the back of the palm so that its head remains unsupported.Chicken, as well as in the first case, will raise her and Cockerel "drop" back.Of course, in this case, as in the previous one, too long torment "chick is not necessary.

On the question of how to distinguish females from males chickens, there is another answer.Chick need to carefully take as a "coat hanger" wings with both hands and gently lifted into the air.It is believed that with the chicken begin to quickly look through the legs.Petushki just quietly hanging.

All of these methods are not too complicated, but, unfortunately, not particularly reliable.Percentage of determining the sex of the chicks when using them is low.

How to distinguish males from females chicks: the modern way

Abroad at poultry farms, where the chicks are usually sorted out on the first day after hatching, used for sex determination is quite simple, gentle and at the same time quite precise method.It consists in the fact that the chicken is pulled and the wing feathers are considering.If clearly visible two of their number, at different levels - so it's chicken.If all the feathers are the same length - Cockerel.

Sexing chicks have big

Now let's see how to check the chicken (chicken or rooster walks you through the yard) in the event that he had grown up.Here everything is quite simple.Experienced farmers believe that during the first weeks of chicken grow a little faster males.Over time, the situation is changing.Petushki catch up and overtake the females.Some owners of private households determine the sex of the chicks and the rate of growth tails.It is believed that the females it starts to grow much faster - a few days after hatching.Males also acquire them only a couple of weeks.

How to find out the sex before hatching

it believed that determine who subsequently come out of the egg - chicken or rooster, not impossible.However, some farmers sometimes it turns out to increase the percentage yield of the desired sex of chicks.In order to determine who vposleduyuschem hatched in an incubator or under a hen, should carefully examine the egg.Many experts do not advise to take for breeding those in which the airbag is not centered on the blunt end and shifted.Meanwhile, some owners of household farms, breeders of laying hens, on the contrary, prefer to lay in the incubator was such eggs.Of course, they take only those in which the camera is shifted slightly.It is believed that such eggs and derived primarily chickens.Is it true, is not known.Maybe it's just pure luck.

also to determine the sex of the chicken you can see the sharp end of an egg.According to some farmers, if there are bumps or, even better, projecting encircling ring of lime - is likely hatching chickens.

care for newborn chicks

So you now know how to distinguish females from males chicks.Now let's get to how to properly care for chicks.The point is not technically difficult, but very responsible.This applies particularly to newborn babies.

the first day of drying after the chickens in an incubator at poultry farms and large farms are placed in special nurseries.Owners gardens are usually planted just hatched chicks in a cardboard box.In this period of life the baby should be given maximum attention.Firstly, they must arrange room lighting.Secondly, to raise the temperature to 30-32 degrees.This can be put in a box plastic bottle with hot water or sand, or to use as a heater conventional incandescent bulb.On large farms the required temperature is maintained in the nursery with the help of special equipment.Keep it at the level of 30-32 degrees should be the first week.The same applies to day and night lighting.

Care of day-old chicks

Some farmers believe that feed the chicks should be the first day after birth.Others advise to wait a day.The fact is that after the release of the eggs of chickens in an organism there are enough of those nutrients that they received while still inside.Running Out of exactly 24 hours.After this time, feed and water the kids a must.As for broiler chickens, laying hens and for the best use of a special blend of "Start" (the variety).

can also feed the chicks usual boiled egg and millet.After a couple of days usually begin to cottage cheese.

Drinkers for chicks should be used special.The usual small chicks may climb or just fall down and get wet.This is often the cause of death of the chicks.The fact is that when wet feathers is a strong chill baby.This is especially true of broilers.When careless wet chicks need to dry as quickly as possible and place in a warm place as much as possible.

Five-ten-day-old chicks

On the seventh day the temperature in the box can be reduced by up to 28 ° C.Illuminates the "home" children in this period should be at least 17-18 hours a day.Feed them still melkodroblenymi cereal, cottage cheese and herbs.Not bad to add to the diet of carrots.Five-ten-aged chicks can already begin to accustom to the street.Of course, only when the weather permits.Chicks carried out of the house right in the box and left briefly in the yard.

Further care

From the age of ten chickens are beginning to fish or slaughtering waste.In particular, they are useful for broilers.Illuminates the box with chicks in this period should be about 14 hours a day.The most comfortable for chickens older than ten days, the temperature is 20-24 degrees.Layers at this time can be left on the street for a whole day and bring home only at night.Older chicks transferred to a specially reserved for them shed.

With a twenty-aged hens generally begin to mash (lunch) and cereals (morning and evening).Broiler chickens at this time have been getting mashed boiled potatoes (in small amounts), fresh cottage cheese, buttermilk, and so on. D. That is, the chickens gradually transferred to the adult diet.

Features broilers

The main purpose of the farmers in this case is a set of fast weight of chickens.Therefore, most of the diet of birds should be grains (at least 50%).You should also restrict the movement of chickens.At their paddock, unlike layers are not released.The size of the room in which will be kept broiler chickens should be such that each individual had about 60 cm of space.Very often these chicks are grown by no floor, and in the cells.In this case, the air temperature in the barn should be 2-4 degrees higher than recommended.

As a special resistance to diseases broilers are often different, the space for the chickens before they are "settling" necessarily need to be disinfected.Of course, not prevent such a procedure and breeding hens.Caring for the chickens lies in the fact that both directions of the bird productivity necessarily give mineral supplements.This may be, for example, fly ash or ground egg shells.It is necessary to arrange the barn containers melenko pebbles.As vitamin supplements, especially in the broiler breeding, fish oil is often used.

Well, we are sorted out how to distinguish females from males chicks.Of course, to determine with precision the floor emerged from eggs baby is difficult.But in any case, no matter how many chickens and cockerels or hatched in an incubator, monitor and care for them should be as carefully as possible.