The writing on the theme of "Occupation" how to write?

essay on "Job" - a work that written in many schools.But what is its feature?The fact that it is - not just essays, but also a serious thinking that to be a disciple.

main objective

high school kids to imagine little duties of man, having a particular specialty.They do not know that the accountant has to make estimates, architects - the drafting of complex drawings, photographs - to adjust the color balance and look for a profitable angle, and teachers - at night to prepare for the upcoming lesson.But they know that doctors save lives, teachers are knowledge to the masses, and the miners are engaged in a very dangerous job.

The main task of the works - to extend the horizons of pupils' knowledge about existing trades.Perhaps in preparation, he knows the whole list of new specialties, the existence of which had not even suspected.Of course, most of the composition is set to write directly in the classroom, without warning, however, if it is possible to prepare, you should use it.Perhaps a specia

l study, the student finds his calling, thus determining what he might be doing in the future.So the essay on "Job" - is more than just writing the text.

plan and structure

As in any other written work, there are some features and principles on which it must fulfill.At a minimum, the student must be a small plan with sketches of what he wants to write.Having at itself a "hint" is faster to concentrate and cope with the task.

structure also must be followed.No one starts from the middle of the narrative text, to the climax.Neither the author did not complete its publication phrase, which should be at the beginning.So you need to build their ideas on a particular principle.Otherwise it will not work, and meaningless set of words and phrases.

Introduction and basic part

So, the first part - the opening.It is a kind of invitation to the conversation of the author, addressed to his interlocutor (that is, the reader).In the introduction to define the problem (or, as in this case, subject).More it is desirable that the author has shown his vision.This is perhaps the most difficult and important part.In the introduction you need to intrigue and inspire.That is why it should be as concise and informative.You can start this way: "All the people something to do in life. Each of us has or will have a profession and can even be their own business. In the world there are hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of specialties - and they are all so different. Andevery professional - their duties. The doctor would not do what makes an engineer, just as the artist is not interested in the activities of the taxi driver. "

And then, after this start, in which we see immediately that in the main we will wait argument with elements of analysis and description, you can proceed to the main.The writing on the topic of "Trade" should begin to perform, having considered what I want to say.It is unlikely that all the students will write a row of veterinary or sellers.Each is required to provide for themselves what it is closer.Incidentally, this is one more nuance, who are interested in this kind of work - it is always fun to read the opinions of different people, especially if it is the children, the thought of which has not tainted presentation templates and stereotypes.

Select the most important

Arguing about the specialties, the child may choose for themselves one thing, it is important to continue and to write about it.And so it will be correct - everything better than he would have "poured water" because it does not know how to express their thoughts on a particular subject.If he wants to write an essay on "medical profession" - why not?Incidentally, in the early grades is the name most often found in children's essays.

essay on "medical profession" is so popular is because these experts are engaged in a very serious matter - they save lives.For most children this is a child - the main thing.Doctors help others preserve their most precious thing they have - the opportunity to live, to enjoy the sun, clear sky, hear the birds singing.

unconventional approach

More often students write an essay on the topic "Profession - teacher."How to make an interesting argument?Because we all know that popular themes have become boring.Well, maybe.But the topic.But the idea - never.Whatever was not hackneyed theme, there will always be people who will say it this way, as no one before him could not tell.

course, students difficult to understand, but they should at least think about.And to begin work of this kind is not with the words "I believe that the teaching profession is very complicated ...", and more unusual.If the right to express their opinions, the affair immediately disappear.Just be clear that will continue the story of how hard work of the teacher.

better to start with the questions."With all the people are doing for centuries? What are they doing? What was relevant at all times, whether it is the Middle Ages or today? That's right - we all want something to learn, to discover something new and to learn. But not everything in our lives can be foundjust like that. It can not get close to science spontaneously. It can comprehend, to learn from a wise and knowledgeable people. Teachers. "

fresh, interesting, original - and what else is needed in order to motivate the reader to continue reading the text?So we get an essay on the topic "Profession - teacher" to do the unusual, especially if to reinforce his words more arguments, arguments and personal observations.It is always appreciated.

Summary and conclusions

Well, an essay on the topic "Job" - not an easy job.It requires care, observation, original approach and the availability of their own thoughts on a few specialties.After all, as the saying goes, everything is relative.The writing on the topic "My favorite profession is" a child can write only if he knows that he is a different specialty (a journalist, an engineer, a choreographer, a cook, and so on. D.), And can choose for themselves what it is closer andinteresting.Many students do not apply to this type of work very seriously, although they should be - is the ability to understand what they want to do next.

way, you can still write an essay on the topic "Profession of parents."This is the easiest way, as a child a child is watching what his mom and dad.You do not need to do anything further study - knowledge and so abound.

How to finish work best?As easy as pie.For example, the student wrote about how he likes the profession of engineer.Finish can be roughly as follows: "The engineer - this is the best profession for me. But all the jobs that exist are complex and, most importantly, we need. We can not live without doctors, without teachers, salespeople, taxi drivers, realtors, economists - allthey make a part of himself to the development of our society. This is the most important thing. "