About the world around us: why the moon is visible during the day?

Since childhood, was formed in our heads the idea that the sun can be seen during the day and the moon - at night.The scope of "activities" of celestial bodies has been clearly allocated.However, there is a strange fact: often seen among night-shining day.The paradox or simply gaps in our knowledge of astronomy?Definitely the latter.In this article we will try to explain in simple terms why the moon is visible during the day.

Reasons visible or invisible objects in the sky

different celestial bodies in the field of view from Earth to varying degrees noticeable.Much brighter than the sun in the background of daytime sky than the moon at night.At the same time, we remember that the distance from the satellite to the earth is much less cosmically less.Understanding this is important, when we tackle the question of why the day you can see the moon.

There is such a thing as the brightness of the celestial bodies - magnitude.That they are clearly visible in the daytime, the brightness should be much

greater than that of the daytime sky.Thus, the magnitude of the clear blue sky day is 9.5, and the moon - 12.7.Exceeding there, but because the satellite on all factors should be noticeable, though not much contrast with the background.This is the most simple and clear to us, not scientists, astronomers explain why the moon is visible during the day.

When the Moon and the Sun can be seen at the same time?

We clearly learned from childhood that the moon revolves around the Earth, and the Earth - the sun.This is required to add the planet carries traffic and around its axis.The celestial bodies are in constant like a dance, changing position.And it is crucial to take into account, to find out when and why the day you can see the moon.

When all conditions to see the moon with the sun it is possible only with the full moon.At the same time, the sunset and moonrise.All the rest of the satellite should theoretically be seen during the day.But here the role played by other factors.Best of moon visible in the daytime sky during periods when it is close to the phase complete, the angular distance from the Sun more.In other phases, growing and aging, sunlit side of the satellite is small, and turned to him.Accordingly, a narrow strip of the new moon day will be very difficult to see.That is why the moon is visible during the day is not always: sometimes it's just hard to notice.

properties of the atmosphere and contrast celestial bodies

our planet's atmosphere during the day is blue (just imagine the kind of clear sky).Also, due to the scattered particles of light from the Sun, it is bright.That day the brightness of Earth's atmosphere drowns out the brightness of the moon.Last because balls of the atmosphere would also be visible to us in blue, but prevents low contrast do.If you see the moon in the sky during the day, it is often a pale spot which is easy to overlook.However, this did not prevent astronomers conduct their research the moon's surface, even in the daytime.

Thus, we realize that the light in the atmosphere of our planet obscures a significant outline of the moon, at night.A significant part of its cycle the satellite is in a position where it is easily visible near the sun in the daytime.Therefore, even more urgent question of why does not the moon visible during the day, and why it is not so clearly visible.

experiments with photographs of the lunar surface

Despite the pallor circuit moon is visible to the naked eye during the day.Astronomers could not miss such a moment: if you can see it without the equipment, what happens if you use technology?Began experiments with photographing the lunar surface during the day.I must say that the quality was pretty good, considering the weather conditions.The first such picture made with a conventional digital camera attached to the telescope.The result was expected: due to the low contrast of the moon on her daytime sky background image was fuzzy.Experience continued under the same conditions and with the same technique but in black and white colors.The picture was slightly more contrast.To improve the image using the usual "Photoshop".Treatment made him look like one of the images that are obtained by taking evening.Thus, it was possible to see a photo of the relief items.It is noteworthy that the clearly visible as large craters (Grimaldi, Gassendi, Aristarchus), and a smaller size.

cited the example of the experiments with the shooting day of the lunar surface show that the moon in daylight is not just seen.You can even explore a celestial hand.As we consider the question of why the moon is visible during the day, already gained quite a clear answer.


in space to have a lot of mysteries, but the nearest objects of humanity has managed to some extent to explore.Night Light, Earth's satellite - the objects of romantic views, accustomed to contemplate it only at night.However, the moon can be seen during the day, separating the sky with the sun.

In this article we have tried to understand simple language, why the moon can be seen during the day and what is due to the fact that sometimes we do not notice.We hope that we helped you to expand your knowledge about the world.