How to apply for a second child maternity capital?

Currently, the state is engaged in the protection and support of mothers with more than one child.If your family is expecting a second child, the maternity capital you can get, provided that previously did not use this type of public offer.Support is provided, and those families who have adopted a child, is not the first in the family.It's worth noting that the capital is issued at the same time a certain family.

The criteria for maternity capital

consider mandatory conditions necessary for compliance, to take advantage of this program:

  • legal right to support a woman who has given birth to or adopted a second or subsequent child.For the second child will be able to receive maternity capital and men, which are the only guardians of the second and the next child.If a woman's right to maternity benefits are terminated, they are automatically transferred to the father or adoptive children.This situation can occur in connection with the death of the woman or in the liquidation of its rights to the baby born or adopted by the judiciary.If the right terminates his father (adoptive father), it becomes a child.
  • rights to family capital for the second child in the Russian Federation may be only citizens of Russia.The child must be a citizen of the Russian Federation immediately after birth, and foster kid should have this status at the time of adoption.
  • program into the birth of a baby last until the end of January 2016.

What is the amount of state support?

For the second child the parent capital is recalculated each year.It is connected with the annual inflation rate.In 2007, support was $ 250 thousand, and in 2014 it reached the level of 450 thousand.Please be aware that if a child was born in 2007, and you decide to get compensation in 2016, the amount of the benefit will be recalculated at the year of the parent capital.

How competently draw allowance?

  • are waiting for the day the birth or adoption of children.Once the court decision comes into force, we proceed to the registration of rights to state benefits.
  • for documenting their right to receive maternity benefit.This can be done in any period of time after the birth or adoption of a child.Russian law does not limit parents in terms of its receipt.Get the maternity capital for the second child, and can later.For its registration you need to prepare the documents and bring them to the Pension Fund office in person or through a representative.For citizens who are or live abroad, the documents should be sent by post.
  • On the basis of the law, to receive for the second child in the maternity capital can be a personal visit to the Pension Fund or by mail.The decision to grant the certificate shall be made by the authorized body within one month after the date all required documents.When a positive decision on the application, issuance and mailing of the certificate shall be made within 5 days.
  • For family capital set other terms.They depend on the family of one of the uses of aid.According to the rules of Russian law in order to exercise their rights on the capital necessary to wait trÑ‘hletiya baby.Since the guardianship must be at least 3 years.If you want to pay off the home loan, the State permits immediately send capital for debt.

What is needed for registration?


  • copies of copies of passports of both parents or legal guardians;
  • documents the birth of all children in the family;
  • judgment relating to adoption;
  • SNILS - pension insurance card;
  • official confirmation of the Russian citizenship of the mother (usynovitelnitsy) and child.

Family, received the certificate for the second child, the maternity capital can be used as optimal investments, envisaged by the legislation:

  • for children's education;
  • the formation of the parent pension;
  • home improvement.

for each individual case in the expenditure of capital provided special packages of documents that must be provided to the Pension Fund.It is necessary to fund the transfer of funds necessary organization.