The secret to the name of Damian and his influence on the character

value named Damian in Greek means "the conqueror".The most famous "Demian" in our country - the Soviet poet Demian poor.And though an alias, it also has an impact on the nature and destiny of man.

man wearing a name, sociable, loves to fool around and have fun.His purpose Demian always seeking, and for him no matter what and the methods were used.He is able to resort to cunning, deception, and even blackmail.But for all that he has lots of friends who always support.At school he is likely to fidget creepy and not very good student.Although this is not because young Damian disability.Rather, his abilities enough for two, but his desire for everything new does not sit still and gnaw granite science.

What does the name Damian?

As already mentioned - is the conqueror.And in the name of life justifies itself could not be more complete.With age, Demian becomes very selfish.If their shortcomings, he did not fail to notice and change, to the failures and shortcomings of other very harsh and demanding.Our conqueror of, namely, the name is translated "Demian", it is very sensitive to flattery and praise.Want to be his best friend - say compliments and praise at every turn.In achieving its goals, this person is very stubborn and persistent.He will go ahead if necessary.But do not ever stop and think how to simplify your task.And while it does not matter to the target that it could come much faster.

name value and love Damian

winner - in love is not always about him.Because he chooses a girl from those who are themselves in a position to support themselves.It should be lavishly dressed and desirable to have an apartment and his own business.No, he is not a miser, just prefer to deal with those who will not make unnecessary claims and will make him expensive gifts that Damian loves.

What is the secret meaning of the name Demian, and how it affects the fate?

fate of our winner is not so easy.But it is likely to influence his own inflated self-important.With colleagues always strained relationship, and it works in a slipshod manner.While it may, when it wants, to move mountains one day.The success of his other only frustrating, but because he is inclined to dismiss the unpleasant rumors about those who are more successful than himself.

His health is poor, although the surrounding almost never know that he is sick.All imaginable and unimaginable ways it will show people that he is doing well in work and in life and in the family.But his health and did great!

In conclusion

secret meaning of the name Damian says that this man lies in a contradiction.He is by nature vulnerable.And it is constantly hiding under the guise of a strong and a very friendly person.He lacks the special openness to people that you can talk about their successes and failures cry - he does not have such people.But it is so important to be someone important and someone loved.But stealth and ambition, who since childhood has Demian as masks, make him a stranger to others.Maybe we should lose the mask and live finally a normal life?