You were going to give the child the name Alice?

There are several versions of what it means the name of Alice, the main of which suggests that the name can be interpreted as "originating from the noble family."Some historians believe that it is a diminutive form of the name of Adelaide, which is the basis of our knowledge of the old Germanic dialects, it consists of two parts: «adal» - noble and «heid» - class, race.On the other hand, there is the assumption that the same Germanic "Alice" means "little one."

What character traits may give the name Alice?The value for the girls it is that from an early age it will be in the spotlight.She folded friendships with both boys and girls.She often has protection resentful, hate betrayal, willingly helps mom and a well-deserved love of his father and many relatives.From childhood, women with the same name are business people, they are confident, objective, easy to inspire innovation, but operate with a rational calculation.

what you can expect parents, choosing the name Alice?The value for the girls it is consistent with the spirit of the time, because the children, so called, are likely to be, strong personalities.They will be able to carry out his plan, lead people, and if needed, to work in professions related to the risk.Alice - it's also a good housewife, who knows how to cook and entertain guests.Women with the same name with great sympathy to the members of the household, but in their life there is always a kind of independence, its own point of view.

What astrological characteristics is the name Alice?Value for girls suggests that the name will give the "vibration", similar to the characteristics of zodiac signs like Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.So named because the child may be very different.On the one hand, Alice can be meek, in which lurk enormous power and strength.It is somewhat lazy, flexible, sustainable and at the same time does not like to spend money wasted.On the other - the woman with the same name (especially born in the winter) can be very stubborn, very efficient.In the team she deals mostly with men, always brings the work to its logical conclusion."Summer" Alice's more sentimental, lack of negative feelings like envy, hospitable, a little eccentric and romantic (vibration of Aquarius).

value for the child named Alice suggests that the girl, the girl, the woman, and even Grandma will be easy to communicate, more straightforward, not vindictive and demanding in the first place to himself.Alicia tend to systematically keep the family hearth to help her husband and very fond of their children, while remaining strong to households.These qualities showed last Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, who before the baptism was named Alice.

how best to use that parents name Alice?Value for girls, owner name, talismans support, emphasizing its properties.It is believed that minerals suitable for Alice are lapis lazuli and carnelian, in harmony colors - red, light green, orange, brown.